Morning! Right now I am in Hayfever hell. I took my antihistamine an hour ago and the effect it has had on my itchy eyes and sniffy nose and scratchy throat and ears seems to be minimal. I am basically pretty miserable, but fortunately I have a blog where I can whinge about it. Whinge, whinge, whinge.

I mostly plan on spending the rest of this sunny Saturday in doors with all the windows closed waiting for grass pollen season to be over.

I might pop out to the allotment for a BBQ later on if I’m up to it, then come home and change all my clothes and shower all the pollen off me.

Anyway, that’s enough whining about hayfever.

This Week I…..

Didn’t buy a Babycham glass

Last Sunday we went to our first boot fair in a while. Weekends have been busy and we don’t often get chance these days. I saw a few cool bits of glass and china, which are my weakness, but I didn’t buy any because I already have too much glass and china that I have been promising to sort out for years. There was also a 50s Babycham glass with the white deer, and I didn’t buy that either because I already own around 30 Babycham glasses and there is a difference between “collecting” and “hoarding” and I am trying to stay on the right side of it.

Ate Pizza

Actually eating pizza wasn’t the point of the 3 hours I spent in the Cathedral grounds, the point was to watch my friend finish the Norwich 100 bike ride.

100 miles is a LOOOONNNG way. So I met up with his wife at the finish line around 2pm. We expected him to finish around 4pm, but we didn’t want to miss him. We spent a lovely couple of hours listening to the hilarious commentator welcome people to the end of the race, under the “gantry of glory” and into the “tent of triumph”. He was dressed in a yellow suit, with a yellow shirt, yellow belt and yellow shoes and I admired his dedication to matching an outfit.

Around 3:30pm Mr Chick arrived to join us and we thought we would order one of the wood-fired pizzas to greet our friend when he came across the line. There was a bit of a wait for pizzas, and I returned to our table by the finish line just in time to see him leaving the “tent of triumph”. So I waited for 2 hours and completely missed him finishing.

The pizza was nice though.

Took the Doggle to the Allotment

Our city centre garden is small and largely concreted over.

We were a little worried that he missed grass, so we drove him round to our allotment.

He sat on our onions and ate some poo. I think he had fun.

Had a delivery

This was unexpectedly complicated.

While I was out at the gym we had a delivery of some leaflets. They left them on our doorstep, meaning that when I got home and opened the door I was greeted by this.

It was surprisingly complicated to deal with. I had 2 choices.

1. Move all the boxes to one side so I could get in and then move them all again into the house.
2. Climb over the boxes (and the dog) to get into the house and then move them inside.

I opted for number 2 as I am far too lazy to move boxes more than once.

Was on TV

On Thursday morning I arrived at Mustard TV studios to film a little interview to promote our up coming British Champs home game (Next Sunday, you should come!).

I was there with Vixen Mortar, also from the Norfolk Brawds, HellLucyNations from the Black Shucks and Short Shorts from the East Anglo Smacksons. We squished ourselves onto a sofa and answered some questions about Roller Derby for a few minutes and then went on with our days.

Watching it back I see that even though I’ve done this a few times a career in television is still not in my future. I am TOTALLY INCAPABLE of not looking at the huge TV screen with our faces on it, which meant that in order to try and avoid doing so I basically don’t look at anyone that might put it in my eyeline, and my head bobs around like one of those bobble head dolls while I try and act natural while definitely not looking at the monitor.

If you would like to see me being bad at TV you can see it here.

Stayed up till 5am

I think 5am must be the latest I’ve stayed up in at least 10 years. I would feel quite rock n roll if what I was doing wasn’t watching election results come in.

Thursday night/Friday morning was pretty nail biting to see how accurate the exit polls were. Well, it wasn’t necessarily the result I hoped for, but it was far better than I expected, so on Friday I was a lot less depressed than I thought I was going to be, but also a lot more tired as I had predicted I wouldn’t make it past 2am in the election watching stakes.

Drank free beer

Brew Dog were offering a free pint of Punk IPA to anyone who showed a polling station selfie at the bar on Thursday or Friday. Thursday was scrim night, so that was out, but no matter how tired I am I’m not missing out on a free pint, so on Friday early evening we popped along to our local Brew Dog for our free pint. Once I discovered that the regular price of said pint was £5.10 I was even more pleased with my free beer.


Still it was a very nice pint of IPA and the bar is kinda cool.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?