Well Hi there!

Happy Sunday morning again. Except when I write this it’s actually Saturday afternoon, because on Sunday morning I will be focusing very hard on being an Aflete as once again I am spending what promises to be a hot and sunny summer day locked in a sports hall wearing head to toe protective gear and polyester playing Roller Derby.

I shall no doubt update you on the results of that next week, but in the mean time, if you’re not outside enjoying the sunshine, or if you are and you thought, “Hey, what I really want to know is what Gemma has been up to this week” before I eat this delicious ice cream and go for a paddle in the sea, then nows the time to find out.

This week I…..

Panicked on the Tube

Srsly. How can anyone do the tube at rush hour EVERY DAY?

On Tuesday I went into London to go to an evening tasting event with the Womens Tennis Association. I went last year and it was such a great evening, that when I got the invite this year I couldn’t wait. Unfortunately with my drive to be efficient with my timings and not spend ages hanging around waiting for trains I went completely the other way and booked an absurdly early train home that meant I had to leave before the event finished.

On the way there the rush hour tube was so packed that I was barely holding it together, it freaks me out completely. Especially when the conductor casually mentions a problem with the door opening circuit. Like being trapped in a tunnel on a packed tube train with no escape isn’t up there with my WORST NIGHTMARES.

Obviously that didn’t happen. I had a couple of glasses of wine, which apparently tennis athletes DON’T have, and ate some delicious food that they do, including a cous cous dish with marinated chicken that I’m totally going to try and recreate at home. FYI, my recreation is unlikely to look like this…..

Took the Doggle for Walkies

Aside from a trip to London, my week was mostly uneventful. We still have my Mum and Dads dog, and we’re taking him for a walk every day. He doesn’t get that at home, but at home they have a much bigger garden.

Mostly he likes to eat grass and make weird whiny noises whenever we see other dogs.

He’s so cute that strangers like to try and make friends, at which point he adopts an air of disinterested cool that is very different from the needy little waggy dog I recognise at home. I think he’s shy.

I have also realised that if you have a dog other people with dogs will stop and chat to you when you are out walking. If you are a responsible dog owner this means you have to quickly become comfortable chatting to strangers while carrying a small plastic bag of poo. I’m not sure about this.

Got up far too early on a Friday

What possessed me to book a hair cut for 9am on a Friday? I have no idea.

Thursday nights is scrim night, which means I finish Roller Derby at 10pm, and by the time I’ve got home, had a bath, a snack and wound down a little I rarely get to bed before midnight, which makes early starts on Fridays a pain. I normally struggle out of bed and to the gym for 9:30, the luxury of self employment.

This week for reasons known only to past me I booked a hair cut for 9am, meaning I had to get up at 7:30, which might as well be the middle of the night on a Friday as far as I’m concerned.

Still, it’s easier in Summer, and at least my hair cut was over and done with by 10am so I could go home and get some work done and my hair is no longer annoying me by flopping all over the place.

Had a beer

Just one beer, as I am being sensible and keeping myself on top form for Sundays game. That beer was, however, a 2 pint stein at a German beer festival.

About 3 days ago I noticed that a German Bierfest was coming to Chapelfield Gardens, and it looked awesome. It had benches and steins in the pictures that reminded me of the beer gardens in Munich, and we just had to go down for a drink.

Early on a Friday evening it wasn’t too packed so we bought ourselves a stein and some Currywurst and enjoyed a relaxing beer in the sunshine. Honestly at £9.50 a stein we could only afford one anyway, so then we went home as the garden started to fill up to watch Friday night TV.

Rock n Roll.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?