At the moment I am writing this weeks update on my phone, sat in a churchyard in Banningham while I wait for Mr LLL to finish running 10 miles.

I have a flask of coffee and a piece of coffee and walnut cake provided by the ladies of the WI to see me through the next hour and a half. Which is about as good as it gets for a sunny Sunday morning.

So, while I’m here, this week I…..

Found some cheap bread rolls

I, it turns out, live a very sad and uneventful life, because if I didn’t there is no way I would have been THIS excited by finding bread rolls reduced to 4p in Tesco.

Honestly, it can’t be normal.

I bought several packets of the reduced bread rolls and now can’t fit anything else in my freezer.

Qualified as a Fitness Instructor

When you do a Personal Trainer course it’s split into 2 parts. First you qualify as a L2 Fitness Instructor, then a L3 Personal a Trainer.

Tuesday was my L2 assessment day.

Naturally that means that I woke up at 4am with a sore throat and feeling rough.

I managed to pass both written exams and my practical assessment with flying colours, despite being diseased. So I am super chuffed as it’s been hard work balancing study with work and Roller Derby!

So now I move into L3.

Sort of saw Shangela

On Tuesday night I had tickets to see Shangela of Drag Race fame at the UEA.

By the evening I was super tired and my cold/plague was kicking in big time, but there was no way I was missing it!

I put on some stupidly high heels and headed up on the bus.

It was packed. We queued for an hour and when we got in it was almost impossible to find a spot to stand where we could see more than a tiny glimpse of hair and torso. I was glad of the extra few inches in height provided by the stupid shoes I had opted to wear, even though my feet hurt.

Fortunately the show was 90% stand up comedy, so we didn’t miss much! In a few weeks we have ticket for Jinkx Monsoon. We may camp overnight to get the front of the queue, though this time I might skip the killer heels, maybe.

Bought a new sideboard

By Wednesday my cold/plague had well and truly kicked in, fueled by Tuesdays long and tiring day.

There’s no rest for me though as Mr LLL rang to say he’d found the perfect sideboard in a charity shop, and could I pop down and help carry it home?

Turns out sideboards are heavier than you think, especially when you’re all weak from disease, we made it half way home and then had to fetch the car to rescue me and the sideboard from the bottom of the hill.

Discovered I’m a hoarder

Once we had the sideboard, next job was emptying out the cocktail cabinet that was currently in its spot.

Which was when I discovered I owned 10 cocktail shakers. Why? There are cocktail bars that don’t have that many cocktail shakers.

I also found 5 cork screws and more empty bottles than I care to admit to.

I despair of myself sometimes, no wonder my house is always a mess!

Tried to feel like a human being

Being poorly sucks. This week I was all motivated to get back to the gym and prepare for the 10k I am running next weekend. Instead I stayed in my house and counted cocktail shakers and drank lemsip.

By Friday I was sick of it, so I went to the gym anyway and had a very feeble session where I felt slightly ill and clammy.

Then Mr LLL and I went for a very expensive Belgian Beer.

It was nice, it made me feel like my fuzzy head was due to beer, not disease!

On Saturday it returned with a vengeance, though I’m happy to report that this morning I’m feeling just a tiny bit better!

And that was another week in my life!

How was your week?