Well, good afternoon!

I’m actually finishing this off sat in the car by the side of the road as we’ve just managed to spectacularly run out of petrol on a roundabout. It SAID there was 27 miles range left, which considering were on our way to the petrol station should have been plenty, but apparently that’s not enough to restart the car, just to keep it moving. This is an important lesson we’ve learned I’m sure, but right now it’s just very irritating.

Once we are moving again the rest of the day is quite sporty as we’ll be watching both the Six Nations and the Superbowl. But first, this week I….

Witnessed a crash

On Monday I was walking home from the gym at about 9am. I am not a morning person and one of the fun things about early morning clients is that I find myself out and about at a time I normally think is barely a decent time to leave the house.

It was rush hour and the road near the gym was busy. I watched a van pull up to a Junction at a side road, then I watched another van pull up behind them.

Then I watched the first van decide the road was far too busy and decide to reverse up and go another way.

I made possibly a rather melodramatic gasping noise as it became apparent they’d made that decision without looking in their rear view mirror and reversed straight into the van behind.

I briefly wondered if I was supposed to do anything now. But no one was hurt and they all got out to presumably swap insurance details or whatever it is that you’re supposed to do when this happened so I continued on my way and made a little note about this dramatic event to remind myself to put it in my This Week I…

Had poorly Pugs

On Monday night everything was calm and normal. We went up to bed about 10pm and took the Pugs up with us, and, suddenly with no warning, Waldo was sick.

I wasn’t too worried. Dogs are sick sometimes, but then he was sick again at midnight, and approximately every 2 hours after.

At 4am when he was sick twice in 20 minutes we called the emergency vets who said it could probably wait till morning. So after a sleepless night with a pukey Pug we headed off to the vets in the morning where he was promptly sick on the floor.

Waldo is not known for his stoicism, and he looks so sad when he is poorly. He had an anti nausea injection and we were sent away with instructions to monitor him. All Tuesday morning he refused to eat and drink. Then gradually he would accept some chicken and broth if it was hand fed to him like he little Prince he is.

By Wednesday morning he was back to his perky self. Thank goodness that’s over, we thought.

Then at 5pm Peppa was sick…..

Repeat the above story, only this time without a vets visit as they advised us just to monitor her.

Basically not much sleep was had this week.

Bought myself a treat

On a brighter note. I treated myself to some fancy bone conduction headphones so that I can listen to Zombies, Run during my half marathon in February.

I paid for them using a Klarna instalment plan, making them a bit more affordable to pay for in 3 chunks.

They’re great, I highly recommend them. They are the Trekz Titanium Mini, as I tried Mr LLL regular size ones and they are far too big for me.

Ate a Frog

It was a chocolate frog, don’t worry.

Hawkins Bazaar is closing down and everything is half price. Mr LLL things £2.50 is still too much to pay for a chocolate frog. I do not.

I got a Helga Hufflepuff card.

Had an eventful run

The headphones got their first proper outing on Saturday for my final really long run in preparation for the Half in 2 weeks time.

Long runs are weird. You’re out running for over 2 hours and you cover a lot of distance, so it can seem like a lot happens in that time.

This weeks most notable occurrences include nearly getting run over by a taxi. I came to a Zebra crossing and saw the taxi approaching, it was just that little bit too close where you don’t want to just step into the road as there’s a chance they might not stop, so paused to wait for them to slow down.

Turns out I was right, as they did not slow down. They spotted me just as they arrived at the crossing and slammed their brakes on, coming to halt directly over the zebra crossing. The crossing had metal barriers either side so I was now essentially blocked in and couldn’t get across the road at all. The taxi tried to reverse up, but there was now another car behind them so they couldn’t. In the end I squeezed between the metal barrier and the back of the taxi, exchanging slightly bemused looks with the drivers of the other cars, and continued on my way.

The other thing of note that happened is that I ran the last half mile crying because a woman was rude to me. To be fair she was rude to me because I was inadvertently rude to her, but still.

She stood aside to let me pass on a narrow path. Normally when that happens I smile, or do a little wave, or say thank you if I’m capable of speech. But I was 11.5 miles into a 12 mile run, and I don’t think I did. I’m not sure I even registered her presence at all to be honest, I was very tired.

As I passed she said a snarky “You’re Welcome”. I got all flustered and turned and shouted “sorry, I’ve just run 12 miles!” and then I promptly burst into tears and ran home crying. I did mention I was tired.

I am taking this one as a salient lesson in not judging people and being a dick. She didn’t know I’d run 12 miles and was barely aware of my surroundings, I don’t know whether she’d had a really bad day and had a run in with someone else earlier. Let’s all just live and let live y’all.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?

(P.s. the car is now moving again and we are off the petrol station and have learned a lesson that unlike our previous cars this one won’t drive for 50 miles once it’s told you it’s run out of petrol. It really means it)