Hello there and happy probably Sunday!

I’m absolutely convinced that Sunday was yesterday, but the three days before that were all Friday so that means Sunday is actually today. Or maybe it’s Monday? Who actually knows.

I’ve always worked from home and it’s surprised me how much the tiny bit of weekly structure I did have really did make a difference.

Anyway, today I am planning to do a bit of cleaning so the house can be all fresh for next week, because next week includes Mr LLL and my birthday. Instead of being away we will be in the house, so it would be nice for it to be at least slightly less covered in dog hair than it is right now.

But that’s a tale for later. First, this week I….

Was in a magazine

All the way back at the beginning of March I did a short interview for Women’s Running magazine “hangout with…” sidebar. And there I am, in Mays edition.

Of course the interview was carried out pre-apocalypse so all of the races I mention are now cancelled, but I’m still plodding out on runs!

Bought an inappropriate dress

Seeing as we won’t be going anywhere fun for our birthday Mr LLL and I decided we should wear something absurdly sparkly instead.

Mr LLL ordered a sequin jacket and I ordered a sequin evening gown which finally arrived this week from ASOS.

At first I hated it. I took a couple of photos and it started to grow on me and Instagram seemed to love it. It was only £20 and I started to wonder whether I should keep it after all.

Then reality hit. In this photo I am stood on tiptoes and there is still about 6” of fabric pooled on the floor. Even in platform heels I would not be able to actually move in this dress.

Maybe I could take the dress up?

Last week I cleared out a box under my bed and in it was a simple black fabric gown that I bought circa 2010 and had a similar issue with. If I haven’t taken that up in the last 11 years I think we can all agree that anything with sequins on it isn’t going to get shortened.

So it’s going back.

Sorry lovely dress.

Had a cream tea

Mr LLL was going to make scones so we bought clotted cream, and then when he did make scones they were cheese scones which don’t go so well with cream and jam.

Then we ran out of flour and we all know you can’t buy THAT any more. So instead I bought scones and we ate them with slightly out of date clotted cream and the BEST jam I have ever had from local bakery Bread Source.

Srsly. I’m not normally bothered about jam, but I thought about this jam ALL DAY after the cream tea.

Enjoyed the sunshine

Yes, this is just an excuse to show you this photo of the Pugs being absurdly cute.

Put lipstick on

On Thursday nights we have a now traditional Zoom pub quiz with some friends.

This week I put lipstick on for about the first time in 7 weeks.

I quite enjoyed it, I might do it again.

Found flour

At least Mr LLL did.

Our local post office/corner shop had been buying industrial bags and splitting it into more manageable home baking sizes, so we now have self raising flour.

Bought all clandestine in worrying plastic takeaway containers.

It was very exciting.

Aborted a run

So, I HAD planned to do a long run this morning. But then yesterday, after walking the dogs, I felt a bit antsy and I thought I might just go out and do my 8 miles then, about 10:30.

It was already 25 degrees, but I thought I’d just take water and it would be FINE.

Within 2 miles I knew it would not be fine. Not only was it stupid hot, it was also stupid busy out. People had a perfect right to be out walking in the sunshine, but trying to run and maintain social distancing was impossible. Even off the narrow paths through woodland there were groups of people on both sides of the road, and the roads themselves were busy with cars making my normal plan of crossing the road or running in the road when I saw people coming impossible and I had to keep stopping and waiting in bushes which was frustrating.

So I decided to call it a day and go home.

Then, as I ran down a narrow pavement I saw a couple crossing a side road ahead of me. I wasn’t sure if they were going to stop in the side road to let me pass. So I was trying to assess the traffic to see if I would be able to go out in the road. The woman stopped, but her husband didn’t see me, and just as I prepared to step out in the road he did a double take and reversed a little, so I veered back in at the last second and passed them on the pavement.

I waved my arms slightly, but did not say thank you. It was too last minute and my mind had been occupied with checking if I was going to be run over, so the woman decided to do a passive agressive “oh, no problem, that’s fine!” At me.

At this point I lost my shit. Turned off my watch, and started walking home in a grump. The mental chess involved in trying to maintain distance was just too much without also being shouted at. I called my Mum for a whinge.

Then I got over it and ran the last mile home. It was still busy and hot and I managed a total of 4 miles out of my planned 8.

In future I shall keep my runs before 9am.

And that was another fascinating week in my lockdown life.

How was your week?