Despite it being the most Sunday of all Sundays, Easter Sunday, I actually forgot it was Sunday, so this is a bit later than planned.

I hope you’re all enjoying long relaxing weekends. I’ve worked most of it, but am currently lying on the sofa resting my back.

So, before I go make burgers in hot cross buns, this week I…..

Had a very bad back

Basically this is the theme of the week because I haven’t exactly been able to do much except lay flat on the sofa.

By Monday I had to cancel PT sessions because I couldn’t stand. I also couldn’t sit at the table to eat, fill a kettle, brush my teeth or put my own socks on. It was rubbish.

I managed to get a Physio appointment for Wednesday and spent a fortune on acupressure mats, magnesium oil and back braces.

I’ve been quite miserable if I’m honest as I thought it was getting better and then BOOM!

Had a massage

The outcome of my physio appointment was that she agreed my back was in spasm (er, thanks) and recommended massage and acupuncture, neither of which I can get on the NHS apparently.

So I opted to throw credit cards at the problem and book a massage. Amazingly I managed to get an appointment that same day, so I limped around for a deep tissue massage.

I secretly hoped it would instantly make me better. It did not, but she did agree that my back muscles are “very rigid”.

So I’m going back next week to have my muscles pummelled and some cupping apparently. I also have acupuncture booked for the end of the month and yet more Epsom salts, physio tape and special cushions on the way.

Found an elaborate April Fool

We didn’t actually find it until after 1st April, and it’s still there now.

A shiny new sign on Mousehold Heath about the reintroduction of “drop spiders”. It’s not great fun if, like me, you are terrified of spiders, but I will include a photo for those of you who might like to read it!

Elsewhere on the Heath there are apparently plastic spiders on trees.

Be reassured though, if you follow the QR code on the sign it takes you to a gif of someone trying to catch a huge spider, so it’s definitely not true.

I hope.

Drank Cocktails

Don’t worry, it wasn’t all back related misery, on Good Friday we ordered cocktails from Tipsy Jar and got, er, tipsy, over Zoom with my mum and dad.

It’s hard to drink cocktails while lying flat on your back, but I did my best.

This is a white chocolate and raspberry collard. It was tasty.

And thus ends another week. Hopefully next week will involve more movement…..

How was your week?