Weekly Stats

Weight: 11 st 4 lb

Stayed the same

total loss: 14lb

Waist: 29″

Miles Run: 15.91

Takeaways eaten: 4

Beers Drunk: Many

I can only attribute the fact that I stayed the same weight and lost half an inch off my waist to blind luck and running nearly 16 miles this week. I’m now starting to use the lack of kitchen in the new house as an excuse to eat many takeaways, and wash them down with beer. I do have a microwave and a freezer full of ready meals, so it’s no excuse.

Using “I need to check out the new local pubs” as an excuse to drink lots of beer is probably wearing thin as well. Especially when you drink most of it at home. (Note: Espresso beer is lovely)

I’ve started to up the miles slightly and do interval sessions using My Asics when out running to try and prepare for Octobers 10k. Possibly not eating so much rubbish would help with that too.

Next week has a lot of travel, so it might be time to pull out the hotel room cooking tips, if I can find which box I put my flask in….