About a week ago I got home from a trip away to find a note saying a parcel had been left with my neighbour. I popped round to pick it up, only to find the HUGEST box (sorry neighbour!) I dragged it home, pretty excited to see what was in it!

It turned out to be a parcel from Flora Pro Activ who wanted me to take part in a challenge to make tasty but healthy Christmas food, and had provided me with all the ingredients and kitchen utensils necessary to do so, including a heart shaped chopping board and Le Creuset heart shaped baking dish, ‘cos Flora Pro Activ is good for cholesterol and your heart!


The recipe was baked apples with ginger and dates, but sadly my oven was broken (now fixed, yay!) so I had to wait till a weekend away in a cottage I had booked to try the recipe out.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting it to be all that tasty, baked apples is something I had when I was little, but I’ve not had for probably 20 years now, but it was actually delicious and very easy to make. I am not a person who does things like baking, so too much chopping and mixing drives me crazy, but this took mere minutes, though with honey and stem ginger in a jar it was a little sticky!


I had a go at baking savoury apples at the same time, by stuffing them with cheese and ham, not quite so healthy, or as tasty, but with a little refinement I think that could be a good dinner too!


The final step before eating was pouring a mixture of Flora Pro Activ, honey, ginger and orange over the hot apples to melt. It was totally delicious!

You can find the recipe for the baked apples, along with lots of others, on the Flora Pro Activ website.baked apple