Hi there!

Happy Sunday!

I hope you have jolly things planned? My plans for today mostly involve working,  but don’t feel too sorry for me, I’m only working so I can take a day off next week as I have family visiting.

Once I’ve finished working I plan to do some tidying up, we are in the middle of a major declutter, and it would be nice to be a bit further into it when our visitors come over!

But before all that, this week I…..

Went to a Drag Show

A couple of weeks ago Shangela of Drag Race fame came to Norwich, and this time it was Jinkx Monsoon.

Jinkx Monsoon was about a million times filthier than Shangela. And, after queuing in cold for an hour last time, and then barely being able to see anything over peoples heads, this time we resolved to get there early and wear sensible shoes. Only to find no queue and CHAIRS! We got to sit down and had a great view of the stage (well, apart from me who ended up sat behind a girl in a ridiculous huge green wig, but fortunately there was a spare chair I could move into.)

Other fun things to note from the evening included a man seated 2 rows in front of me who apparently felt that the only thing standing between him and lifelong love as Jinkxx husband was whether he could attract her attention or not. He shouted “I love you”, he clicked his fingers in the air as if trying to get the attention of a Waiter in an episode of Fawlty Towers, he went to get a drink, walked back to his seat across the front of the stage and stood for a few minutes directly in front of the stage till I wondered if he was going to try and climb up there.

When he returned to his seat he gave himself a big hug and poured his drink all down his back, which entertained me no end.

One of his friends dobbed him into security, at which point he developed a security shaped shadow, which hung around until he went outside for a cigarette and NEVER CAME BACK.

Anyway, if you get the chance to see Jinkxx Monsoon you should, even though she thinks Norwich is in Scotland.

Went Bakery Crazy

When Bake Off is on it is foolish to start watching without preparing some bakery treats, so I popped to the corner shop.

I bought mini cupcakes with googly eyes on them that are apparently zombie cupcakes.

Then I found the discount section, and it had baked goods. I came home with 6 lemon bake wells, 5 doughnuts, 5 cheese and onion rolls, 5 cheese-topped bread rolls and a massive grin on my face. Honestly, there’s not much makes me happier than doughnuts reduced to 16p for 5.

Had Another Smoothie Disaster

The dedicated readers out there may remember back in August when I had my first smoothie disaster.

Well, dear reader, I only went and did it again.

It happened for the same reason as last time. Peppa was sat next to me, I had to overreach for my smoothie, and it slipped from my grasp.

Differently than last time this smoothie contained spinach. It went all over the cream sofa, it went in my handbag, it went all over everything.

It took me over an hour to clean it up, including scrubbing the sofa with a toothbrush and white wine vinegar to make sure the spinach didn’t stain.

It was very annoying. I hope I don’t do it again. I may have to buy a non slip, sippy cup for breakfasts.

Sprained my Ankle. Again.

On Thursday we went back to Scrim after a month off.

In the second jam I hurt my ankle. I put ice on it for a bit, decided it was fine and went back to skating. I didn’t have the best scrim, life is super busy at the moment, I was stressed and struggling to focus and I got angry with myself. It was very frustrating.

I went home, went to bed, and when I woke up in the morning I realised my ankle was painful. It wasn’t too bad though, so I just got on with my day. I went to the gym, I didn’t do anything stupid like jumping off boxes, but my mid-afternoon it was obvious that my ankle was getting worse. It was puffy and stiff and achey. So then I did what I should have done all along and put a compression badage and some ice on it.

I didn’t skate on it on Saturday, and today it feels a little better, just a bit stiff, so hopefully it’ll heal fast!

This is my fourth sprained ankle this year, yes, I know, I obviously have stupid ankles. I shall be spending the offseason doing ankle pre-hab and may ask Santa for another ankle brace.

And that was another scintillating week in my life.

How was your week?