Is it Sunday again? How’d that happen?

I’m not where I planned to be at the moment, but considering where I planned to be was in a car, that’s not a huge issue.

My Sunday plans currently involve an online supermarket shop, so thats super exciting, obviously.

But first, this week I……

Had a Pug Crisis

Yes, another one. This one was a little weird.

On Tuesday I had a lovely day off work, and in the evening I thought I’d take the Pugs for a nice long walk on the common. Mr LLL had some work to finish off and he said he’d leave a little later and come and meet me with a bottle of wine and we’d have a drink in the sunshine before walking home.

How lovely.

But it was not to be. I’d just made it to the common with the Pugs and it was a little warm, so I poured some water to see if they were thirsty.

Waldo drank a little, but Peppa wasn’t interested and wandered off to investigate a tuft of grass. I put the water away, looked at her and she was holding her paw oddly.

I walked a few steps and turned back to call her, only to find her collapsed on the path shaking. My first thought was that something had stung her and she was having an allergic reaction.

I tried to stand her up and she collapsed again and was breathing oddly. I had a quick panicky call with Mr LLL to get him to bring the car up, then ran across the common with her in my arms to meet him.

We rushed her up to the emergency vet, and by the time we’d got there I’d established it was definitely her paw.

The nurse whisked her out of my sweaty arms, and bought her back 10 minutes later with a bee sting on a piece of tissue.

Peppa is not normally a drama queen, so I assume it caused her a lot of pain, but fortunately no allergic reaction.

We gave her a painkiller and by the following morning she was all “what bee?”

Not how I planned to end my day off….

Went on a road trip

Over a month ago we’d picked this week as the time to pay a socially distanced visit to some friends, hoping things would be a bit more settled.

Obviously given the governments announcement this week they are not, but we went anyway on the basis it’s probably not going to be any better in a few weeks time.

That meant that Thursday saw us sat in a car for 5 hours travelling further away from our house than I think we’ve been in 18 months, let alone 6.

The south coast is a long way away.

Went for a long walk

Some of you might remember my friend Julie who died back in March. The purpose of this long trip was to finally visit her husband and 2 boys, who I think were more excited about seeing the Pugs than us.

We still couldn’t hug, and socially distancing when you’re staying in someone’s house is a challenge, but I’m so glad we could finally make the trip.

On Friday we went for a long walk through woodland near their house, stopped for a pub lunch and then walked back home.

It was a really lovely day.

Came home early

We’d planned to stop over with some other friends for a night on our way home.

But in the post-Covid world plans are subject to sudden change. On Saturday morning my friend felt a bit under the weather, and, much like I did a couple of weeks ago, she immediately developed the incredibly prevalent and very real disease of Covid paranoia.

We decided just to stop for a brief socially distanced garden visit, and then head straight home instead.

Disappointing, but that’s the way of the world these days! It’s nice that we no longer want to make our friends sick instead of saying “hey, it’s just a cold, come over anyway and I’ll make you all ill too”

Raced some pigs

Don’t worry. Not real Pigs. Adorable little toy pigs that waddle a bit and then stop and wiggle their noses and tails.

My Dad runs them as a fundraiser for his Rotary club, but the current apocalypse has restricted the number of people they can have in person.

This is great for me, because it meant this one was live streamed on Facebook and I got to join in.

I won 1 race out of 8, so I don’t think it’s going to make me rich, but it was great fun. I’ll let you know if there’s another one and you can play too!

And that was another week in my life.

I hope you all had wonderful weeks?