Hi there, “happy” 1 year lockdown-aversary.

Technically I think it’s Tuesday that marks the 1-year anniversary of us all being told to stay at home. But they shut the pubs and gyms on the Friday and considering those were pretty much the only places I went, this is close enough.

So, it’s been a weird year huh?

1 very exciting thing happened this week, but otherwise there was a whole load of staying at home happening. So before I commence with the traditional “sitting on the sofa doing nothing” (actually catching on the Drag Race Uk final) for the rest of my day. This week I….

Got a Mother’s Day card

From the Pugs. It was the same as last years. Apparently Pugs don’t have very good memories, or handwriting.

Had Cake for Breakfast

Actually it was a delicious home made protein mug brownie that my first ever PT client bought to our session to celebrate our 2 year PT-aversary.

I was very touched and then I stuffed myself with cake while making him jump around and do exercise. Fair trade off I think.

Found a welly

Sorry, I take it back, this was an exciting week after all.

How did this child get home with only 1 welly?

Had my first vaccine


On Monday I was on an online client training session when a little message pinged up on my screen inviting me to book my vaccine.

I did a little excited dance that involved spinning, and on Tuesday afternoon I went and had a very efficiently organised vaccine.

I videoed it for posterity which I think they thought was a bit weird, but nevermind.

The very next day the headlines announced they had asked trusts to stop vaccinating under 50s if they had spare vaccines, so I feel very lucky to have got mine considering my asthma isn’t quite bad enough to land me in group 6.

Drank some beer

It was a beer filled week.

Wednesday was St Patrick’s Day. The day that marks the 1 year anniversary of the first time I took cleaning wipes to the pub to clean my glass. So this year we drank a Guinness at home and I turned the dining room lights green because I have a stupidly expensive light bulb that changes colour.

Then on Friday night we had a Zoom meet up with some friends to watch Pig Racing (fluffy, wind up pigs, for the record) and drink the Beer52 Irish craft beers we’d all ordered.

We also wrote our own quiz and we all did very badly and realised why we are normally a quiz team.

Started Falling Apart

It’s official guys, I think I might be actually falling apart. The end of this week has seen an extremely irritating resurgence of my bad back, just when I was getting all confident that it was improving. Hopefully just another bump in the road.

Not only that, but I’ve had 2 nose bleeds this week. I used to get nose bleeds regularly, I was convinced it was to do with my blood pressure but the Doctor said no, it definitely wasn’t that and I probably didn’t have high blood pressure at all I was just stressed at the surgery, which I wasn’t.

Then it turned out I DID have high blood pressure after all (which is a whole other saga) and I went on medication and I hadn’t had a nose bleed since. Until the apocalypse happened, and I had a couple. Then nothing, then this week I’ve had 2.

That probably means my blood pressure is creeping up again, so I’ll have to monitor that and maybe eat some dark chocolate or something.

So basically I’m falling apart. Yay! Remember this time last year when I was running 10 miles for “fun” *sigh*

Life is full of ups and downs and I’m sure this time next year I’ll be going “hey, remember when I was falling apart?”

And that was another exciting week in my life.

How was your week?