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January 6, 2013

#janathon Day 6 – The Hangover

Sigh. Today I had planned to do a 5k. However last night I inadvertantly went out and drank all the beer, so when I woke […]
January 5, 2013

#janathon Day 5

Raaar! Writing this blog as speedily as I had to run! Busy day meant fitting in another 1.2 mile trot around the block. I zoomed […]
January 4, 2013

#janathon Day Four (is that all?)

Well, another tricky one with a long drive, in fact, a drive that was 70 miles longer than it needed to be as by not […]
January 3, 2013

#janathon Day Three

It’s already getting hard to squish these in! I am visiting family at the moment as my Nana is in hospital, so today I knew […]
January 2, 2013

#janathon Day Two…..

Well. Today was a challenge. A long drive followed by a run in the dark, and the realisation part way there, while the rain hammered […]
January 1, 2013

Welcome to #janathon

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well, it’s been Christmas, and now it’s a whole shiny New Year and one in which I have already committed myself to […]
December 3, 2012

Revoflex X-Treme Abs Giveaway

Woo, exciting, I have a giveaway for you to help you work off the Christmas over indulgence! The prize is a Revoflex X-Treme Abs and […]
November 26, 2012

Review – Gorilla Sports Fit Pack

In September I promised to add more strength training to my exercise routine, which has led to me investing in a few bits of equipment, […]
November 22, 2012

Shock Absorber Run Bra

When I started running I was aware that something sporty in the bra department would be necessary to keep my chest from giving black eyes […]
November 19, 2012

Adnams Southwold 10k 2012

Yesterday was my second 10k race. The one with the free beer as it was sponsored by Adnams around the Suffolk village of Southwold where […]
November 14, 2012

Motion X Sleep Review

Sleep by Motion X is an app aimed at encouraging you to both get more rest, and more exercise. I downloaded it ages ago as […]
November 9, 2012

Muscles I Never Knew I Had

When you read all the running magazines and the running books and all the running websites they all tell you that you ought to do […]