March Stats…

Start Weight: 11st 3lb

Weight Now: 11 st 3.8lb

Monthly Gain: .8lb

Total loss: 14.2lb

Waist: 29.25″

Miles Run: 28.8

Average Distance per run: 4.8 miles

In March I bought new scales.

I found I was having problems with my Wii Fit where it would weight massively different at different points on my living room floor. The weekend before last I weighed 11 stone 1lb and had lost 2 lb over the beginning of the month.

Then I bought new scales, and gained 2.8lb.


Instead of getting back on the Wii I decided to go with it as at least they CONSISTENLY weighed me 2.8lb heavier, so as of today I didn’t lose at all in March, or maybe I did.

What’s important really is I didn’t put anything on my measurements, tape measures don’t lie. I am trying to view monitoring my weight as just part of what I do to monitor my progress, as losing weight isn’t really my goal, it’s feeling healthy and looking and feeling toned and fit, which I know isn’t all about scales and is going to involve a little more pushing in the weight training department as well! Looking for those non scale victories is important and one of those this month was buying a new dress, and being brave enough to wear it out with my knees on show to an evening event. Running really has made a difference to my legs.


March started well foodwise, I was planning meals and eating well, then it all went a bit pear shaped around Norwich Fashion Week when I was super busy, then I had a stomach bug which threw me out for a week and a few personal changes have meant it’s been tricky to get back on track, but I am getting there and the only major blow out is the Easter chocolate fest, but we’re all entitled to that, surely?!

Exercise wise I’ve mostly been managing to get runs in at the weekends when I’ve been home and have only managed to get out 6 times again, though I have upped the mileage of those runs slightly, something which I plan to continue as the weather gets warmer (hopefully) and the nights lighter. I have downgraded my goal to run 3 times a week to twice a week, at least temporarily, as 3 times just isn’t fitting in with my life at the moment, though I’ll go more often if I can.


You can see on the monthly graph, the stomach bug took me our on the Sunday the 17th, the following Thursday I tried a short run, but I wasn’t really better and felt pretty bad. I then had a whole 10 days without running before I went out on the Trowse 10k on Sunday.

Like most of my months recently March has been a struggle, but not one I feel I’ve lost!


March Achievments

A new personal best in the Trowse 10k.

Maintaining weight over a busy month.

Buying new scales (they have a body fat function too. Gulp)

April Goals

Run twice a week

Work on my arm strength (pull ups and push here I come!)

Get under 11 stone according to those new scales…….