Yesterday I spent the whole day at The Festival of Vintage in Epsom.

Thankfully the event was inside at Epsom Racecourse as the weather was all rain and grey skies and freeeezing cold. The Festival of Vintage is basically a huge vintage fair, with added activites like music, talks, workshops, dancing and exhibitions. The best thing about it from my perspective, though, was the chance to catch up with some of the lovely ladies in the vintage world that mysteriously choose not to live in Norwich (I know, what’s that about?)

And that’s not even all the ladies I managed to catch up with that day! Much fun was had looking at lovely vintage (none of which I could afford) and taking in the atmosphere. Among others (and sorry if I missed you off!) I caught up with Landgirl1980, Perdita’s Pursuits, Red Legs in Soho, Darhling Photography, Vintage Secret, Advantage in Vintage and Your Vintage Life.

I chose comfortable, warm, but smart for the days outfit.

❤ Dress – Swagger Joint at Pin Up Parade ❤ Shoes – Clarks ❤ Beret – eBay ❤
❤Hat Pin & Brooch – Vintage ❤

The Swagger Joint dress really was worth every penny I paid for it after I couldn’t stand to send it back! It’s lined, wool, and perfect for Autumn Winter weather. The scotty dog brooch is the one I bought at the same time as the Ladybird brooch I wore last week and the gorgeous hat pin was a Christmas present from Mr Chick.

I managed to catch the Fashion Show in the morning and Naomi from Vintage Secret’s talk on tips on buying Vintage in the afternoon, but I missed Liz Tregenza’s talk, unfortunately, as I was queueing for a horrendously over priced bacon sandwich, which someone then spent 5 minutes unashamedly trying to take a photograph of me and Mr Chick stuffing into our mouths. I can only assume that she’d decided that “Vintage people eating bacon roll” would make a great photograph, forgetting that it was our lunch and we weren’t a hired sideshow for her photography project. Seriously, unless you are going to be subtle and quick, always ask before taking photographs of people, especially if they’re eating or otherwise just minding their own business. Anyway, it really did make me very cross, but enough ranting! Here’s some piccies of the day.

Downstairs, Jive Lessons, 50s home exhibits, retro sweets and Reginald Spleen’s Travelling Snuff Bar.

Upstairs, dancing, fashion shows, that amazing pop up tea room, Style Me Vintage, hats and the Best Dressed competition.