Todays post is in aid of Charidee! On Monday I mentioned I ran Race for Life with the Norfolk Brawds.

I signed up to do it with them weeks ago, but about a week prior to the run I got an email from Scottish Power asking me to take part on their behalf, take part in the High 5 Wave and they would donate £250 to our Just Giving page.

I intended to be there for 10:15 am grab one of their pink gloves, have my photo taken and generally have a lovely day. I left in plenty of time to get there, and promptly got stuck in the traffic jam from hell a mile from the entrance and it took us half an hour to travel the last mile or so, thus meaning that once I’d stood in a 30 minute toilet queue as well I actually missed the start of the race and had to sort of wander in at the back, rather than being in the front pen with the runners.

I was all on my own, but after about 1k I spotted 2 other Brawds, Kelly KaPOWski and Wild Honey walking the route, so I stopped and chatted with them for a bit. Which is when Mr Chick caught me on camera, walking, typical!


I then ran on ahead, and finally bumped into Knockturn Ali and her daughter, honorary Brawd Smashleigh who I crossed the finish line with.

I headed back over to the tent at that point, only to find my plans scuppered still further by a humungous queue for the High 5 photo booth, so instead you will have to make do with some photos taken NEXT to the tent and a photo of the worlds most photographed dog!

All the Brawds (except one who we think had already gone home!) You’ll notice Wild Honey on the end made it in time to get her High Five glove!



As the course passed the Scottish Power tent there were people outside High 5ing people as they passed, this photo of an attempt o High 5 a lady on stilts is a particular highlight! I’m sure she could have put her arm a little lower!

high 5

If you’re running/walking/dragging yourself round a Race for Life event this year then go and track down the Scottish Power tent for your glove and get your High 5 photo taken. Scottish Power are collecting High 5 photos and will donate £30,000 to Cancer Research if they hit their target of 55,000.

You can submit your own photos as well, so seeing as I failed to get into the photo booth I attempted to take my own High 5 Selfie later on.

photoAnd then I uploaded it to the High 5 Website as part of the “wave”.



If you’re not taking part in a Race for Life then you can still upload your photo and help raise money for Cancer Research! Pop over the Scottish Power High 5 Wave Facebook page to find out more!

Full disclosure, my travel expenses and my entry fee will be covered by Scottish Power for my participation in the campaign. I haven’t been paid any other money for this, and I was already taking part in Race for Life anyway, but huge thanks to Scottish Power for helping us to reach our fundraising goals, if you’d like to donate to our Just Giving page you can do!