Well technically it’s day 20 as it’s past midnight, but as my website was down when I tried to write it up earlier on I think I shall let myself off!

Today I ordered a spiky ball to roll my butt muscles, because a girl can never have too many weird sporting torture devices and I needed it to go with my resistance bands, wobble boards, instability cushion, foam roller and all the other assorted paraphernalia that a delicate flower like myself needs if she’s going to insist on keeping doing exercise.

I also did a large number of stretches, spent a lot of time on my foam roller, then headed off to coach the new girls and boys, who we call Fresh Meat, at Monday night Roller Derby.


Monday nights is held at Funkys skate rink in Norwich, and it’s for real beginners, sometimes with no skate experience at all, to learn the basics of skating and Roller Derby before they move onto the more advanced stuff.

Anyone can turn up, any Monday at 7pm and pay £5 for a session, but we also have regular intakes who go through an 8 week course including a refresher and a sign off session to see if they have reached the required standard.

Today I had foolishly put myself down as lead coach, which meant I ran the session, though on the plus side it does mean slightly less energetic skating and more talking and a bit of a chance to rest aching muscles from yesterdays weights session!

So I helped teach stops and falls, crossovers, one foot glides and stepping and balances to a groups of already pretty awesome skaters. I’m sure way better than I was 3 weeks into training. Indeed, 3 weeks into my Roller Derby training was during Juneathon in 2013, and I seem to recall that about 20 minutes into my second week I hurt my thigh doing a knee fall, which means that this was my third week, including photo of me looking ridiculous in a helmet that clearly doesn’t fit.

IMG_6079I love coaching, because it’s great to see people improve, even when they can’t see it themselves, I’m not sure I’m great at it though! I think my tendency to waffle probably gets in the way. Which is a shame really as I am also signed up to coach tomorrow and Thursday early.

In other news, I am really excited about the delivery tomorrow of my Bodychef diet plan menu, as I have been given the chance to try it out for a week! Mostly I’m excited that I won’t have to think about what to eat for the next week, planning meals is so boring! I shall be giving it a thorough review at the end, so I will tell you what I thought of it!