Well hello end of day 20!

Today I did not one, but 2 chunks of exercise, but neither of them were running. Dr Google advises me that this persistent pain in the butt may be down to my piriformis acting up, it certainly fits all the symptoms. So I decided a bit of yoga was in order to stretch it out a bit. It was back to my beloved yoga for runners video for an hour of stretching and hanging around upside down.

Then, this evening I had put myself down to coach again at Roller Derby practice from 8-10pm.

I forgot to take photos at practice again, so here I am once I got home!

IMG_6093Tuesday night practices are for slightly more advanced skaters, so tonight we were working on whips!

Whips sound far more exciting than they actually are, they’re basically a fancy name for a group of moves that involved you grabbing another skater to help them through a  gap or make them go faster, or another skater grabbing you to make you go faster.

Anyway, whatever they are, I don’t really like them, outside whips particularly, which are so complicated to teach and take hours of practice to get exactly right and then in reality are hardly ever used in a game. Grrr. Clothing whips, however get used all the time. Mostly by me when everyone is racing off ahead of me round a corner and I’m like “aerrrgh! I’m not that fast!”

IMG_6092So day 20 was an hour of nice relaxing yoga, followed by 2 hours of racing round a track whipping lots of girls, oo-er.

Apologies for the lack of amusing anecdotes, I’m really quite tired and it’s definitely way past my bed time!

I’m off to eat a chocolate brownie in bed. Nom.