Well, it’s been a funny old week. Well, actually it’s not been funny at all, featuring the deaths of 2 hugely popular and well loved stars, David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

I’ve never been particularly into music, David Bowie seemed like a nice person, and he was super cool, obviously, so I felt sad. Alan Rickman, however, has been a weird crush of mine since I was a teenager and is in lots of my favourite films, so I found myself particularly touched to hear of his death.

The death of celebrities is a weird thing, especially in the age of social media. Fact is, that some of these people were a really big part of our lives, and the work they created helped form us as human beings, so I don’t think there’s anything odd in feeling sad when we hear of their death.

Still, lets keep it light hey? There were other things that happened this chilly January week. They might not have had the national impact of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, but they’re the other things that make up my life.

So, this week I…..

Went to the Gym


I mean, that’s not actually an unusual thing, I go the gym every week, but this week was our first week back at our group training sessions with our training sponsor Paul Fawcett Personal Training. Paul is a great trainer, and has made me a lot less scared of that weight room and really encouraged us all to love picking up heavy things and putting them back down again.

I’m so excited to be back at these sessions again, Sunday mornings just weren’t the same without them.

Did My Tax Return

Every year I do my tax return online in mid january, and every year I then worry that it was just far too simple and I’ve accidentally neglected to mention my overseas holdings in the Cayman Islands (I haven’t got any, by the way) Fact is my accounts are pretty simple. I get paid money and I spend money. I don’t buy lots of stock or anything, I don’t claim any benefits and I don’t have a load of private investments, so there’s not a huge amount more to fill in (I hope).

Bought New Pyjamas


I bought some of those weird ones with cuffed ankles, and a Hogwarts vest to go with them. They’re more comfortable than I thought they’d be, in fact they’re *really* comfortable and when I tuck them into my new sheepskin slippers that look disturbingly like Uggs I feel very trendy. Next thing you know I’ll be wearing skinny jeans.

It was while I was in Primark buying pyjamas that this skirt accidentally slipped into my basket too.

Ran Out of Electricity

Crikey, it really was all go this week wasn’t it? There was I, peacefully sitting in bed in the morning while I drank my coffee and idly scrolling through Instagram when I suddenly noticed I had no wi-fi, and my lights didn’t work.

Yes, for the first time in my life I live in a house with one of those stupid key meters, I can’t top up online and I constantly forget to buy more electric, so I had to drag myself 100 meters to the corner shop to get more electricity, and then remember how to reset the microwave and oven clocks, actually I only reset the microwave, the oven is too complicated and I never use the timer anyway.

In the past I have run out of electricity while I was away and had everything in my freezer start to defrost and, once, while I was sat in the bath with shampoo on my hair, which meant the boiler didn’t work and I had to wash it off with freezing cold water. I really hate that meter, and if I wasn’t so disorganised I’d get it replaced. Oh yes.

Made a Complaint

You’ve probably seen me mention that I get Gousto boxes delivered these days (code GEMMA81995 gets you £25 off your first order). The only problem? They use Yodel to deliver, and Yodel have a notoriously bad reputation. Well, I thought I’d been lucky so far. Every week they give me a 3 hour estimated delivery slot, that they haven’t once actually delivered within, but hey, it got here, I can cope with that.

This week, however, as I was waiting in for my delivery I heard the sound of someone banging on a door. I looked out of the window and spied a Yodel delivery van, the driver, however was banging (quite forcefully) on next doors front door. It’s not outside the realms of possibility that my neighbours might also get parcels, so, assuming they would get to me in a second I resumed my previous activity (which was waiting for the Yodel driver). Then the van drove away.

I shot downstairs expecting a missed delivery card. I’ve sat looking at my front door while delivery drivers have pushed “sorry you were out” cards through my letter box before, so it wouldn’t have surprised me, but there was none. I checked my tracking link, which advised me my Gousto box had been delivered to a “safe place”. So I went outside to stand in the street looking confused, and there, in my neighbours front garden was my Gousto box. I mean, I understand that matching up the large white number at the front of my house with the large, matching, house number printed on the box could be a bit of a challenge, but really?

So I complained. How very un-British of me. Gousto responded within 2 hours and offered me 10% off my next box as an apology, well done Gousto. Yodel took the entire day to finally get back to me and say “Oh dear. Were the contents ok?”. Which does not surprise me in the slightest.

Got a new Frock


Thanks to my Mum who decided that the Boden Swishy Dress being reduced from £129 to £38 was far too much of a bargain to miss out on, so she bought it for me. It’ll be a while till it’s warm enough to wear it, but it’s super gorgeous, highly recommended!

And that was another week in the exciting saga that is my life! How was your week?