Protein is something of a hot nutritional topic, with the importance of it in the diet reaching beyond “bro” body builders and into the world of your average fitness fan.

Recently Weetabix got in touch and asked me if I’d like to try their new Weetabix Protein. I’m on a pretty high protein diet at the moment and its nice to have some variation on protein smoothies or ham and eggs for breakfast, so I was really keen to try it out!

A single regular Weetabix biscuit contains 12g of Protein per 100g, whilst the new Weetabix Protein contains 19g per 100g. This works out at about an extra 3g per serving and by the time you’ve added milk, around 12g per portion. This might not be the epically huge amounts of protein you find in some products, but in realistic terms this is a great amount for people who aren’t professional athletes, which is most of us, lets face it!

I really missed having cereal for breakfast as a nice quick and easy option, especially on warm days, so this was a welcome addition to my breakfast arsenal!

After much experimenting with toppings, my favourite way to eat it was with hazelnut milk topped with sliced banana, cocoa nibs and a spoonful of 0% fat Greek Yoghurt. That works out as 13g of protein, and was so addictive I struggled not to eat it for 3 meals a day!

weetabix protein

Best of all Weetabix Protein also contains less than 5g of sugar per 100g, making it a low sugar cereal and almost 10g of fibre per 100g makes it high in fibre, which is something that a lot of people on high protein diets struggle to get enough of.

Pretty much a perfect breakfast food.

For people on super high protein diets I have heard that it is nice if you use a protein shake instead of milk, I haven’t tried that myself, I’d probably rather have the protein shake on the side!

But what does it taste like?

Well, it tastes like Weetabix.

If you like Weetabix (and I do) then that is a good thing, if you don’t, then maybe it’s not for you! Personally I love it. When I was little my Mum used to serve Weetabix biscuits dry, spread with butter and jam, personally I prefer it soaked in lots of milk and topped with fruit or nuts and yoghurt or peanut butter, because I will top anything with peanut butter given the chance

Weetabix Protein with banana and pecans

If you’re trying to get a bit more protein into your diet and are sick of eggs for breakfast then I heartily recommend it. The added protein comes from high quality wheat protein.

Weetabix Protein is currently available from all major supermarkets at an RRP of £2.99. Find out more about it on the Weetabix website.

This post was produced in collaboration with Weetabix. All opinions are my own!