I remember buying my first pair of gold shoes.

They were from Faith, and they were gold sandals with those stringy bits that wrap up round your ankles. They had the wooden stacked heels that seemed to be on everything at the time. Since then I’ve owned multiple pairs of gold shoes. They’ve been surprisingly versatile, glamming up any evening outfit, and going with a surprising amount of outfits.

The other day I realised that I no longer owned any gold shoes, having worn them all to death.

Almost instantly this seemed like a hole I MUST fill. I need gold shoes. At the moment rose gold, is, of course, the in thing. So I’ve been eyeing up a few pairs of them too.

Here are 5 pairs of gold shoes that I think could fill that gold shoe shaped hole.

Aldo Gold Leather Block Heeled Shoes

It is perhaps a sign of my deranged mind that my brain is telling me these are the “sensible” option. Gold shoes with a sensible block heel that won’t lead to broken ankles.

The other part of my deranged mind is reminding me that the whole point of gold shoes is their terrible impracticality.

Public Desire Rose Gold Knotted Sandals

That part of my brain is the brain that has been obsessing over these since Christmas. I don’t often wear sandals these days. I do like a good court shoe or peep toe, which is one of the things that has prevented me using my ASOS voucher on them.

But look, they’re so PRETTY!

Dinaa Metallic Leather Courts

So maybe these peep toes courts would be better? But for some reason these aren’t *quite* right. Maybe they’re just not shiny enough?

ASOS Lassie Ballet Flats

Oooh, look, more “sensible” gold shoes. I do love these, but I want to buy them as well as the impractical knotted sandals so that when my feet get sore I can still look glamorous walking home.

True Decadence Gold Metallic Peep Toe Sandals

And lastly we’re back in the land of impractical peep toe sandals. These are a true gold rather than a rose gold, super shiny, and really look like the kind of shoe that would make me want to strut around like a movie star on a red carpet.