You know those Spring days when the sun is shining and it looks glorious outside?

Yesterday was one of those. You also know those spring days when you actually GO outside and the wind chill factor is approximately a bajillion and you spend all day freezing to death in your inappropriate clothing? Yesterday was also one of those.

OMG folks. Leaving off the tights was always a risk anyway. One I was prepared to take as my legs don’t seem to get that cold and all my tights were laddered. More foolish was the blase “Hey, I don’t need a coat, this cardigan will be more than fine on this lovely spring evening” attitude.

I was cold, but I soldiered on as I wanted to get some photos of this 1930s inspired every day outfit, what a trooper.

Despite my coldness, I was pleased to have suddenly remembered this outfit. One of the nice things about separates is that you can wear them in so many different combinations. This outfit was one I wore quite a lot a couple of years ago, then for some reason I forgot all about until this week.

It’s the sort of easy wearing every day outfit that I wear a lot. It’s smart, and has a bit of a 1930s feel to it with the long line cardigan and the sailor collar blouse, but all the clothes are modern.

The skirt is from ASOS, the blouse from House of Foxy and the cardigan from Primark.

You’ll have to forgive the state of my legs in these photos too. Maybe even laddered tights would have been better than inflicting that bruise and a glimpse of tattoo print Rocktape on you all.

Nice legs is something you give up on very early on if you play Roller Derby. The shin bruise was the product of a pile up where I landed on someones wheels. The taped knee is because I fell on it heavily and injured my PCL (The ligament at the back of your knee) and it needs a little extra support. I do buy the tape that comes in pretty patterns though. Don’t think it hasn’t occurred to me that I could buy it in a variety of colours and match it to my outfits either.

Now is a perfect time for me to be trawling the depths of my wardrobe for clothes I haven’t worn in a while. Our washing machine has chosen now as the perfect time to give up the ghost and completely die, so regular washing of the usual things I wear has been put on hold.

Thankfully years of wearing vintage means that I’m not the sort of person who just routinely washes everything after just one wear. Sports wear, however, is a bit of a different matter and I might have to actually, gasp, HAND WASH some things before we can arrange a replacement.

You can rest assured I will absolutely keep you up to date with washing machine saga. I know there is nothing more pressing on your minds right now.

But while we wait for that update, next time you go out, don’t let the sunshine fool you and take a proper coat!

♥ 1930s Sailor Blouse – House of Foxy  ♥ Navy Cardigan – Primark ♥
♥ Red Midi Skirt – ASOS (similar) ♥ Nude Court Shoes – Nine West (similar) ♥