Ok, maybe actual death is a little dramatic, but today I do have some darn good handbags for you.

It’s been mentioned to me several times over my blogging years that I rarely show handbags in my outfit posts. The reason for that isn’t that I don’t carry one, it’s just that most of the time my handbags are boring and not really worthy of photographing.

On the occasions that I’ve switched out to a fancy handbag, it always shows up in posts. Like this time with a Christmas Bauble bag, or this time with my Vendula lingerie bag, or cocktail clutch.

I love novelty handbags as much as I love novelty prints, and recently I’ve spotted a few online that are really worth sharing!

Disney x DN Flounder Cross Body Bag

This is the bag that inspired todays round up when I spotted it last week. This collaboration between Disney and Danielle Nicole made me go a bit weak at the knees. The collection also features Dopey, Tinkerbell, Mrs Potts and Cinderella and is pretty darn amazing.


Vendula Hot Air Balloon Bag

Vendula are without doubt one of my favourite, go-to places for novelty bags. I have 2 that were gifted to me, and have been swooning over them ever since.

This hot air balloon bag is so fun. I love the vintage style clasp fastening with a practical, cross body, strap so you can keep it on you all evening and show it off properly!

Run the World Cross Body Bag

This feels like a much more every day bag. One to take out when you don’t need a massive handbag that has your entire life in it. Which is probably most days, but that doesn’t stop me dragging everything around with me!

Recent back problems have actually started me trying to carry a smaller handbag, and this is perfect for casual days.

BooHoo Cupcake Bag

This appears, for mysterious reasons, to be in the kids section on BooHoo. I can only assume they are crazy as I see no earthly reason why a mature, sensible, adult woman wouldn’t want to carry her change and credit cards in a handbag shaped like a cupcake.


Dexter the Dino Handbag

It’s so cute! It’s a handbag shaped like a tiny dinosaur! I’m actually contemplating getting this and treating it like a pet. I’ll tuck him in at night and make sure he gets a good view sitting on the table rather than the floor when I take him out at night.

Miss Co Girl Snarling Lip Bag

I’ll be honest. When I first saw this one I went “Awesome!”, but the more I look at it, the more those teeth are kinda freaking me out actually.

It’s only £9.99 though, and the TK Maxx website says there are only 4 left. So nab it quick if it doesn’t scare the hell out of you!

Collectif Pineapple Bag

Just perfect for Summer days, this wicker pineapple bag comes from Collectif and is currently in the sale.

Lulu Guinness Doll Face Handbag

Last up, and at the top end of the price range, is a bag from one of my favourite handbag designers who started my love affair with novelty bags when I went to her press day back in the early years of blogging.

This doll face bag is a gorgeous design, perfect for hooking over your arm when you want to be smart, but not too grown up.