Well, this Sunday morning is A LOT quieter than last Sunday morning when I was writing on my phone in a sports centre between Roller Derby games.

This Sunday is less about protein shakes and compression leggings, and more about cups of coffee and still being in bed at half past 10.

I’m not even sure what I plan to do with the rest of today. I feel like I ought to be productive, but secretly I would prefer to just collapse on the sofa in a heap. Which one will win? Who knows?

But first up, this week I…..

Came Second

I finished last weeks entry with the news that the Norfolk Brawds won their first game of Playoffs weekend, earning promotion to Tier 2 next season.

That meant that on the Sunday we had 2 further games to determine our finish position in Tier 3. In our first game against Bath we played our socks off and won with a final score of 305-130. Meaning our last game of the day was against Rebellion Roller Derby to determine 1st and 2nd place in the Tier. A game we knew would be tough as they were the only team to have beaten us in British Champs games this season.

I was not rostered to skate in this final game. I can’t say I wasn’t sad not to be out on track kicking butt with my team, but getting to watch them in action is always awesome. I was part of the bench crew for the game, giving feedback and advice on what I could see happening on track.

Sadly we didn’t manage to beat Rebellion in this second game, defying all established story-telling conventions. But that left us with a second place finish in Tier 3, out of 22 teams. So it’s hard to be too sad about it!

Now we have a short break before we’re back to training even harder for Tier 2!

Took My Own Advice

Earlier this week I posted about dealing with the comedown after a big event. This week I definitely took my own advice.

I scheduled in a few little things to look forward to throughout the week to keep me from the blues. First up, I would have taken Monday off work, but Monday is a busy day for me, so instead I finished early, about 3pm, and settled down to eat chocolate, drink wine, and enjoy a Netflix binge.

It was fun!

Didn’t Have a Haircut

I thought I had a haircut. I even took a pre-haircut selfie (complete with little man over my shoulder) on my way into town on Tuesday morning.

Only my appointment was on Wednesday morning. So I went all the way home again.

On Wednesday I DID have a haircut, only there’s no post-haircut selfie because for some reason my phone has decided to stop syncing with my laptop and I deleted them before I realised. Grrr.

Took Some Puggles for a Walk


These puggles are called Peppa and Waldo and they belong to some friends. Next week we will be dog-sitting them for a few days and we are super excited about having dogs in the house again!

Who doesn’t want to be watched every time they eat something?

Went to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle

In the second of this weeks “Things to Look Forward To” we cashed in some Clubcard vouchers and went to the cinema on Wednesday afternoon to see the new Kingsman.

I loved the original Kingsman, and had high hopes for this. It was good, but not quite as good as the original. Still definitely worth seeing, and they gave us free badges. Another photo that was lost in the great no-syncing incident.

Went to Oktoberfest

In the last of this weeks scheduled treats, on Saturday afternoon we celebrated Oktoberfest.

Sadly this time we weren’t in Munich like we were 2 years ago, but instead in a local pub. It was still pretty awesome though. They had proper litre steins of beer, pretzels, Oktoberfest tablecloths and a brass band.

We had a lovely time, drank far too much beer, and then came home and ate sausages.

Today I am slightly groggy. Which makes me suspect that the sofa might win the “what to do today” battle.

How was your week?