Happy Sunday all!

This is the spot where I normally tell you about all the interesting things that happened to me this week, like that time I drank some coffee or that time the weather was a bit weird.

Today though there isn’t really anything to tell. I’m 7 days into Janathon, and all my big news, like the food poisoning, the trip to the vets and the army of elderly dog walkers has been covered. In other weeks there is a possibility that there would be other news, not covered in a Janathon post, but this week that is not the case as mostly what I have done has been whinge about how I have a tummy ache and can’t eat anything without instantly bloating up like a balloon.

Last night I felt a little better, so I went to the pub and then came home and drank a bottle of chocolate wine left over from Christmas. That is my only news, and my body is currently punishing me for it by bloating up like a balloon again like it is mocking my over-confidence in drinking booze.

The wine was nice though.

So instead I shall just share today’s Janathon adventures with you.

After I’d walked the Pugs I shot straight back out the door for my run before I could change my mind, because it LOOKS bright and sunny and lovely, but it is freezing.

I was weirdly pleased with today’s running outfit too. It looked like I’d coordinated it, even though what I’d actually done is put on the warmest leggings and the only long sleeve running top I could find. The leggings are from Wellicious and the top from Boudavida in case you want to look as coordinated yourself.

The most noteworthy thing to report is that it took me just a teeny bit longer than normal to earn those 500 points today. As they are based on heart rate zones that means that my heart rate wasn’t as high today, yet it certainly wasn’t lack of effort because my TomTom joyfully tells me that today was my fastest mile EVER and I wasn’t actually even dying when I finished.

Is this because I have got fitter in the last 7 days, or because I am returning to previous levels of fitness after the food poisoning disaster?

Who knows, but it occurs to me that if I keep improving throughout January then I will have to keep running further to get my 500 points, or maybe I’ll be doing 7-minute miles by the end of the month? (Snorts with laughter).

And with that exciting news, I shall bid you farewell for the day and head back to the sofa to do absolutely no physical activity at all for the rest of the day.


Week One Stats

Miles Run: 5.16
Steps Walked: 81, 621
Days spent in bed: 1
Elderly dog walkers encountered: Approx 50