Did I cheat on Janathon today?

Sort of.

I knew today was going to be a pain. I hate running in the dark and today I had a train to London to catch at 8:30 am and I wouldn’t be home until after it was dark and I knew that when I got home I would be tired, hungry and in no way in the mood for going for a run.

Going for a run BEFORE I left would have required getting out of bed around 6 am, and then it would not only still be dark while I was running, it would also be very early and very early is not my favourite time of day.

The train station is over a mile from my house and I pondered the idea of running to and/or from the station, before realising that was impractical as I would be carrying smart “going to a meeting” clothes and shoes, a laptop and all the other things I need when I am out of the house for the day.

So instead I wondered if I could earn my 500 points for the day by getting my heart rate up by walking to the train station REALLY briskly.

And the answer was, yes I can. The walk home, where I wasn’t so worried about being a sweaty mess, nearly earned me 500 points all on its own.


I have, without a doubt, raised my heart rate, and achieved my Janathon goal of 500 TomTom points today.

But it still feels a little bit like cheating. I had to walk to the station anyway. Yes, I could have walked it at the speed I normally do and arrived slightly less sweaty, but Janathon feels like it should come with running shoes, not shiny Clarks loafers.

Do I care enough about cheating to put my running kit on and go out and run a mile?

Frankly, no. I am hungry and I want to cook my dinner, and then I want to walk the Pugs and then I want to have a beer and go to bed because I am tired. So there. I earned my points, I walked super fast and a lady looked at me weird.

The End.