I’ve had short hair for a long time. After an earlier experiment with a floppy Linda Evangelista cut I finally gave up long hair for good around the mid 90s and never looked back.

Since then it’s generally hovered around chin length. Sometimes, when I couldn’t afford a hair cut, it made it’s way to my shoulders, but I’ve certainly not had hair that could be considered “long” for about 17 years.


I don’t know why, but I’ve let it grow. Maybe I’m just tired of spending £30 to chat to a stranger for an hour and come out with less than I went in with, or maybe I’m too lazy to make an appointment.

Problem is I pretty much tie it back into a messy pony tail or make a vague effort at a messy bun with a few hair grips and it’s really pretty boring. I certainly never wear it down and my hair is so fine that most attempts at “something interesting”, especially if tongs or rollers are involved, fall out in 20 minutes.

So, to cut a long story short, because I can see you yawning, I have been on the hunt for “interesting” things to do with my hair. Attempt number one was a 40s style rolled hair do that I keep meaning to do a tutorial (watch this space….)

Attempt number two, in honour of my style icon and Christmas giveaway is this Audrey Hepburn hair inspired up do.


It’s a little bit more dishevelled that Audrey would have worn it, but I like it. I had to add the hair beads to keep my fringe back properly as it’s not long enough to tie into the ponytail, maybe I’ll get something more glam to use to keep it back for Christmas party season.

I would do a tutorial, but I suspect that Luke Hersheson who created the video tutorial I followed for Elle can probably show you better.

You may note that he suddenly acquires an additional pair of hands when tying elastic round the pony tail. I suggest abandoning his fabulous “loose elastic” suggestion unless you are the Hindu God Ganesh and sticking with a snag free elastic band.