Apart, of course, from receipts for everything I’ve ever bought compressed into a layer at the bottom that may one day turn into coal?

I’ve seen a few of these posts on blogs recently and it really appeals to my nosy streak. I love getting that little insight into peoples lives, the things that they feel the need to carry around with them every day. So I thought I’d give you all the chance to nose into mine.

I’m not a particularly organised person. I have a tendency to pack, and then add a load of other stuff “just in case” so my bag of choice needs to be relatively roomy. I used to carry a huge tote, but when I do that I give myself shoulder problems by filling it with books, papers, bottled water, hairbrushes and other large non essential things. So I downsized to this.

It’s a brown leather vintage envelope style satchel bag. Best of all it only cost me £1.50, god bless charity shops from saving me from having to carry a plastic Primark bag on the basis it’s all I can afford.

The inside is lined in suede and has 2 large sections, a centre zipped section where I tend to stack receipts and a small zipped pocket at the back where I keep business cards, my passport and other flat things I might need in a hurry.

It tends to be slightly over stuffed, I did mention my lack of organisation! One day I suspect the seams will give way, and then where will I be? Inside it I fit all this…

Erk, so much! Going roughly top left to right and then back across.

A pen – Stolen from a Holiday Inn Express

2 lipsticks – Avon lipstick in Rose (fuchsia pink), Maybelline lipstick in Coffee Bean (browny red)

A stratton lipstick holder with a Maybelline lipstick in Eternal Flame (a bright red)

Packet of tissues

Pink mini multi tool (yes, I was a Girl Guide actually)

Brown leather purse, from a charity shop, in which I keep cards of all varieties and notes if I am lucky enough to have any.

Skull print coin purse, a birthday present, and ideal for keeping change and little bits in.

Silver case, in which I keep my business cards

Vintage Japanese fan, bought from a boot fair

Vintage sunglasses, bought from a Charity Shop

iPhone, could I live without it? Probably, but why test the theory?

Mini Mag light (see above re: Girl Guides, also handy for finding things in my bag in the dark. I keep it hooked to the zip)

Asthma Inhaler, an essential

Carmex lip balm. Sometimes I carry a Rose & Co balm instead, or a small tin of Vaseline. It doubles up as emergency moisturiser!

Passport – You never know, someone might want to whisk me away

Tea bag – Yes, actually, I AM that British.

Soap & Glory Extreme Plump lip gloss. I love the tingle!

Small velvet pouch which contains kirby grips, an elastic band and a Stratton mirror for hair emergencies.

Unnecessarily large bunch of keys. I only use one! It also contains a bottle opener and one of those fake pound coins for supermarket trolleys.


What’s in YOUR Handbag?