At the end of last week I was browsing ASOS looking for dresses.

This is not a surprise, I do this a lot, I can never afford to buy any of them, so mostly I just look and dream. But last week I fell totally in love with a tropical novelty print, and it was reduced and there was actually money in my account, so I bought it.

tropical dress

Tropical print dress – Emily & Fin @ASOS ♥ Shoes – Mel by Melissa♥
♥Sunglasses – Derek Cardigan* ♥ Flamingo Brooch – Vintage*♥

When it arrived it was very different from what I was expecting. The “fitted waist” was actually an empire line, sitting just under my boobs, not a style that really suits me, especially combined with a high neck. It was also VERY short, on the model it looks just above her knees, on me it falls mid thigh, which is far shorter than any other dress I own!

Despite this, I’m just in love with that print and I think I can kind of make it work!


novelty print dress

I’d prefer to wear it with heels, but this sprained ankle is taking an age to heal, so flats it is, besides, I was only off for a picnic in the park. Only Fashion Bloggers think trying to teeter across grass and up hills in heels is a perfectly normal thing to do.

I did add my flamingo brooch as a perfect tropical accompaniment though!


flamingo brooch

By picnic, I do of course mean, “fizzy wine”. There was food as well, I promise, but it’s not a picnic without fizzy wine, surely?