Well, good morning and welcome to November!

I trust everyone has a slight “Halloween on a Saturday” hangover this morning? I’m actually off to spend the first day of November doing healthful things like going for long walks, though I will also be drinking spiced cider and eating chilli, and the walk won’t be quite as long as planned as I gave my knee a bash at Roller Derby yesterday and it’s pretty painful. So maybe not quite that healthful after all.

Seeing as I missed my little monthly round up in September, what with all the Oktoberfest and Cocktail Week excitement, I thought it would be nice to come back and do one again for October. Tomorrow I will bring you more terrible badly lit photos of my Halloween costume, but there’s a sneak peek in here for those of you functioning on a Sunday!

So, October.

What I Wore

Actually it seems apart from my outfit posts I didn’t post a whole lot of new outfits over October. I did pull out the skull dress, it was Halloween after all, a splash of red lipstick, a cocktail headscarf and a last minute, cobbled together green fairy were Octobers instagram exclusives!

What I Ate

And drank, of course! Looks like October was definitely more about the food! I made Autumnal blackberry smoothies, ate Sunday roasts for lunch and Bubble & Squeak for breakfast and discovered that one of my favourite places for burgers now delivers (I’m very fussy about burgers). The Pumpkin Macaron was a present from my lovely Derby Wife Wild Honey.

What I Did

October was busy, as are all my months it seems, though I had to make time for lots of sleep as I seem to suddenly become exhausted when the clocks change. I started October running the Mariotts Way 10k, one of my favourite races as the scenery is so pretty! October was also the month that my Roller Derby team, The Norfolk Brawds, played our final game of the British Champs season, finishing undefeated and top of the Tier 4 SE table, which we celebrated by drinking Chai Rum out of the cup. Next month is Play Offs to decide who goes up to Tier 3, eek!

I finished the month with a visit to Simon Pritchards Halloween Dracula exhibition, which was fantastic, as ever.

What I Got

That’s not a very elegant way of saying it, but some things were gifts and others I bought, but these are all things I acquired into my life in October! My Protein sent me some funky new sports kit, and also some Salted Caramel Whey Protein, er, yum, and Vendula London sent me an amazing velvet clutch.

The Jura bottle was a lovely gift from my Mum & Dad as they had one of my special bottles turned into a ship in a bottle, which is about the most awesome thing EVER.

I treated myself to a Lush Bath Melt, a very expensive skirt, and a very, very cheap wig for fancy dress as well as a My Bout Book to use as a diary for Roller Derby

And that, was a whistle stop tour through October! Now, I have to go to Cromer to eat Chilli, which I am sure I will instagram!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!