If you read my weekly round up of my exciting life you’ll know I was away over the weekend.

I had a fancy new outfit planned to wear out on Saturday night, new shoes, new dress, the works, and I was really excited about taking outfit photos somewhere new. Well, maybe not really excited, because how tragic would I be if taking outfit photos in a different street was the sort of thing that made me really excited? (I was really excited)

As it happened  Saturday was about the vilest weather ever. The sort of weather where you really want to minimise the amount of time you spend in it, and if you WERE stupid enough to try and hang around in it and take outfit photos they would all come out with rain drops on the lens, and any photos you did get between the raindrops would have your hair whipping in your face and your skirt blowing up at odd angles.

I could have put the whole outfit back on again when I got home and taken more photos, but frankly, who has time for that? So instead I took photos in the hotel corridor, complete with weird light and shadows. Hurrah!

Collectif Tartan Pencil Dress

I’d planned to wear this outfit this weekend for a few weeks, because that’s the sort of thing I do. Other people count sheep to help them get to sleep, I plan my outfits for the next week.

I ordered the dress in the Collectif sale in the middle of January (it’s still available at half price), but there was a delay processing orders and I wasn’t sure if it was going to arrive in time. (It did, obviously). It’s the first time I’ve ordered a Dolores Dress in the pencil style, and as this has no stretch I was a bit nervous, but I needn’t have fretted as it fit perfectly.

blonde bob

Tartan Midi Dress

Clarks Chorus Music

The perfect shoes to go with it also conveniently arrived on the same day. They are the Clarks Chorus Music in black suede. The perfect style of shoe for when you actually have to walk places as they have a super comfortable padded inner sole, but also want to look good as they have a gorgeous black patent cut out detailing.

Clarks shoes

I was a little bit concerned about wearing nice new suede shoes out in the rain, but we only did a short sprint to the pub around the corner, and I avoided stomping in any puddles and they appear to survived unscathed.

To be honest I should have expected torrential downpours the minute I packed suede shoes as it has rained 3 out of the last 4 times that I have decided to wear suede shoes. I expect to start receiving wedding invitations that say “Gemma, please do not wear suede shoes on our special day”

♥ Dress – Collectif Sale ♥ Shoes c/o Clarks ♥ Belt – Vintage ♥