Smoothies are one of my favourite breakfast choices, along with overnight oats. I tend to fall back on banana, almond milk, flavoured protein powder, and maybe some chia seeds or other addition, and sometimes it gets a bit samey.

So I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration, and spotted several variations of the idea of a Black Forest Smoothie. For those of you that don’t know, Black Forest cake is a bit of a 70s classic, and one of my all time favourite desserts. It’s a boozy, creamy, chocolate and cherry cake and it’s delicious.

Reading through the recipes, none of them really hit the spot for me with the kind of flavours I want from a Black Forest recipe, while also covering all my healthy protein packed breakfast needs. I want intense chocolate taste, with that slight bitter after edge. So I decided to make up my own.

Black Forest Protein Smoothie

This version contains 3 different types of chocolate flavours, so you’ll get your intense chocolate, plus a bitter edge from the cocoa nibs, the creaminess comes from bananas and coconut milk, and it’s just all round delicious.

All you need to do is bung the whole lot in a blender or nutribullet, then drink it.

Ingredients – Serves 1

80g Frozen Cherries

1/2 a large or one small banana (about 60g)

200ml Coconut Milk

1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder

10g Cacao Powder

10g Cocoa Nibs

Tbsp (30g) 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt

356 Kcal  ⁄ 37g Carbs  ⁄  10g Fat ⁄  28g Protein

black forest smoothie