Morning lovely people! How are you today?

I’m full of hayfever. Every year the last few weeks of June and the beginning of July are pretty much a living Hayfever Hell for me. This year it hadn’t been too bad at all, and I thought I’d got away with it. But in the last few days it’s got a little worse. It’s still not as bad as it has been in previous years, I can sleep without having to take extra antihistamines at 3am, so fingers crossed this as bad as it gets this year! At least I haven’t had to resort to any of these vintage hayfever cures.

Must press on because there’s a beautiful day outside and I need to go spend it in a gym and a supermarket. I also need to find a stranger who needs complimenting as part of my #GlamorousJuly project, though honestly I just realised I’m not sure how I’m going to instagram that. It’s a bit weird to compliment a stranger and then ask for a photo, right?

Anyway. This week I……

Went out for a Roast Dinner

Every few weeks the urge for a roast dinner is strong, and I’m certainly not cooking one for myself. So we go to the White Lion in Norwich, which does amazing roast dinners. It was gooood.


Mostly ate chocolate

Apart from a roast dinner this week I have been mostly eating chocolate. I’ve had huge chocolate cravings. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth normally, so I can only assume I have a deficiency in something. Maybe chocolate.

I’ve had chocolate bars, chocolate milkshakes and chocolate tarts. Seriously, is it possible to have a chocolate deficiency?


Went to the Supermarket

I know, my life gets more exciting by the minute.

While we were at the supermarket we had a coffee, because supermarkets apparently have Costas in them these days. I thought it would be an exciting coffee as it was a popcorn cappuccino, but I couldn’t really taste any difference between that and a normal cappuccino. I do think there was gold glitter in the chocolate dusting though.

We also got a new front door key cut while we were there, because supermarkets apparently have those as well (and a dry cleaners and a travel agent and an optician and a pharmacy, it’s more like a shopping centre than a supermarket).

The new front door key is orange, but it doesn’t unlock our front door and is therefore useless.


Went to a Bootcamp

I haven’t been to a Roller Derby Boot Camp for a while. The last one I went to I was accidentally incredibly hungover. It was a 7 hour bootcamp and I thought I was going to die by the end. This one I was a lot healthier for, but I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. It was taught by Juke Boxx and Ballistic Whistle, both awesome international level skaters.

It was a great session, with a lot of game play and strategy drills, and you’ll be glad to know I kept up fine!

photo by Annabelle Saker-Neale

photo by Annabelle Saker-Neale

Narrowly avoided getting drenched

Saturday was a busy day!

I got home late ish from the Boot Camp, had a bath, put on a lovely summer frock to enjoy the blazing sunshine and headed off to visit a friends exhibition.

At which point thunder started rumbling and the skies opened. We didn’t have umbrellas, because we’ve only lived in the UK all our lives, so haven’t got used to unpredictable Summer weather yet, obviously. We popped into the closest pub to have a pint and wait it out so we didn’t get drowned. Thankfully it was one of those “rain really heavily for 15 minutes then revert to blazing sunshine” moments, so we weren’t too late!

The exhibition was called PEEP, by Simon Pritchard and had a peep show theme. The pictures from it are a bit too rude for me to share but you can have a look at this picture he painted for a previous exhibition which was also on display last night. It includes me as inspiration for the imaginary movie “Roller Hookers”! Thanks, I think. 😀


Forgot to eat Dinner

Well, I didn’t so much “forget” as by the time we’d stopped for a pint to get out of the rain, then spent half an hour at an exhibition and gone to find somewhere to eat it was nearly 9:30 and I’d had more beer than is strictly wise for someone who hasn’t had dinner.

I was a little bleary eyed when I woke up this morning. I’m fine now though, honestly.

Saw some Fireworks

It was the Lord Mayors Show in Norwich yesterday, and we conveniently managed to finish our dinner just in time to step back out onto the streets and catch the fireworks display. It was nice as people came out of the pubs to watch them above the houses and there was a bit of a crowd gathered. There was a pleasing community feel as everyone oohed and ahhed. Then when they stopped everyone slowly dispersed back into a selection of local pubs and the streets were deserted again.


And that was how I spent another week in my fascinating life!

How was your week?