For some people Spring means floral frocks. I prefer gingham dresses.

Gingham is a weird word. Say it over and over in your head and it starts to sound really weird. Ging-Ham. Ging-ham. See.

As a fabric though, I think it’s kinda cute. I like the big chunky ginghams and the small understated gingham. Gingham dresses aren’t quite as twee as polka dots, or as girly as florals, or as dramatic as stripes.

Gingham is a fabric that can take you happily from spring with a cute cardigan, through summer, and even into autumn and winter

As Spring has officially sprung and I’m slowly dragging last years warmer clothes out of hibernation. Today I thought I’d share 6 of the best gingham dresses that I wish were in my wardrobe right now.

Collectif Madeline Gingham Swing Dress

Lets start with Collectif, because they always feature large on my lust lists these days. I just lurve the cute collar and buttons on this, and the black gingham can pretty much be an all year round dress.

Kimchi Gingham Picnic Dress

I’m going to ask you to use your imagination a little here. I have to say I’m not really getting the current high street obsession with making all the models on their site look like they forgot to brush their hair, have never heard of blusher and then put them in ugly shoes.

So, if you bear with me, look at this dress. Imagine it with a waist belt, maybe a slick of red lipstick and a pair of wedges.

It’s cute, right? It has a 1950s gypsy feel and I love it.

Warehouse Gingham Button Front Dress

Warehouse are another high street store currently using models who are just getting over a terrible cold. Fortunately they also provide a nice cut out of this dress so you don’t have to use as much imagination to picture it having a cute spring/summer vintage vibe. Perfect for skipping through fields and having picnics in.


Horrockses Gingham Off the Shoulder Midi Dress

This is a dress I’ve featured before, but it’s worth another mention. The return of vintage brand Horrockses with a collection inspired by their own archives was interesting, and one of my favourite pieces from the collection was this gingham print off the shoulder dress. The bold red flowers add a bit more interest to the print.

Priscilla Pink Gingham Dress

We’re now comfortably back in a world of brands that like their models to own a hair brush with one of my favourites, The Pretty Dress Co. I first saw them at a press day a few years ago, and own a couple of their dresses. This one has been on my wish list for a couple of years. I don’t wear a lot of pink, but somehow in gingham it seems ok.

Heart of Haute Gingham Dinette Dress

Lastly, a little bit different, is this gingham dinette dress from Heart of Haute. It’s a big chunky gingham, and the red and black means that it really will work just as well in winter as summer.