Basically I spent a lot of this morning whinging about Janathon.

I changed into my running kit to take the Pugs to the park with the plan of doing my normal routine of getting back from our walk and immediately going back out for a run.

I complained a lot about my poor achy legs while this was happening.

Then, as we left the house, I complained a lot about the fact that the pavements were icy. Apparently running shoes do exist that mean I won’t fall over the second there’s a thin layer of ice on the pavement, but I do not own them.

I nearly slid all the way down a hill, and then I complained about it some more. Mr LLL suggested I wait till lunchtime to run when the ice would be gone, and then I complained because I wanted to get the running thing over and done with so I could dedicate my day to being as lazy as possible.

In the end, I decided the best option was to ditch my coat with Mr LLL and run around the park.

Running on frosty grass is a lot less terrifying than frosty pavements, but running round and round a park is hella dull, even if you do occasionally get chased by a couple of Pugs for a few steps before they get bored.

Running on grass is much slower than running on pavement, plus I just *had* to stop a couple of times to stroke dogs on the way round. Obviously.

I made a mile in just under 11 minutes, but apparently that wasn’t good enough to earn me 500 TomTom points. Oh no, apparently it gets harder to earn points the more you do it, and my mile just wasn’t good enough.

I thought as I only had about 50 points left to get that a brisk walk to keep my heart rate up would be sufficient to just top it up.

It wasn’t, so I complained about that for a bit, then did one more lap of the park to get those 500 points.

And that, dear reader, is how I managed to get my 500 points on Janathon day 19 without breaking my neck slipping down a hill.

Now, enjoy the sun glinting off my sweaty face.