Of all the things I ever thought I’d reuse from my wedding day, my bouquet was last on the list.

My corset, yes. Shoes, yes. Even the red glass plates we put the table centres on. But my bouquet?

I had a bouquet of velvet roses as I have very bad hayfever and didn’t want to carry real flowers, which made them ideal to use as a prop on Saturday when I got the chance to play at being a bride for the second time round at A Most Curious Vintage Wedding Fair.

I was part of the Vivien of Holloway bridal show, and there’s not one but TWO petticoats under that humungous dress! The dress was a little too big for me. I told them I was a larger size than I have at home because Iwas paranoid about having put on some weight and it not fitting, but as it happens I needn’t have worried, still at least I could breathe!

I got my make up done by a make up artist, which was a little heavy on the blush and I’m not keen on eyeliner under my eyes, but on the stage it looked fabulous!

For the Vivien of Holloway show the idea was to be a little bit cheesecake, strike a few poses. Do a big spin to show off those skirts (and my stocking tops to the front row) and then wiggle off again. You’ll be pleased to hear that I managed not to fall over or do anything else hideous and terribly “me” and all went according to plan.

We also had a little stall at the fair, mostly to hand out leaflets and promote various ventures like A Marvellous Cocktail Party and Vintage Norwich.

The fair was a fabulous success. It was packed with Brides to Be, casual observers and interested parties all keen to have tea and cake and check out what vintage suppliers in Norfolk had to offer. Despite some minor technical issues (if you call my entire website being deleted by my host and having to rebuild it from scratch using a 3G card, minor) I had a fabulous day and it was great to finally meet in person some people I’d only communicated with via email and twitter, namely Miss De Muir, Kitty Golightly and Eclectic Eccentricity. I also finally met the lovely Kat Cresswell who’s been writing about Make Do & Mend for Vintage Norwich.

Finally, after a very long day, I ended it the best way possible.

With one of these….