Back in August I mentioned that Mat from Southern Retro had paid us a visit in Norwich.

Well, now the results of that visit are all visible on the Southern Retro website. Southern Retro is an amazing photographic project of “individuals for whom reviving the past is part of their every day lives”.

They’re not pin-up shots or themed photo shoots. Just simple portraits of people in their everyday clothes, or at least a slightly more glamorous version of their everyday clothes! The portraits are taken in their own homes and are accompanied by a paragraph about them that Mat puts together from a short questionnaire.

So here’s the final result of mine!

There are 5 photos in total on the site. So if you’d like to see more you can visit my page on Southern Retro.

Of course, poor old Mat didn’t come all the way from the South coast just to take photos of me. There were 5 other people in Norwich who are now part of the Southern Retro project, taking the total tally up 22 portraits now on the site.

So let me introduce you to the others…

Lucy is a beauty historian and writes vintage beauty blog The Glamourologist

Kerry writes vintage lifestyle blog Missy Vintage

Karen is a fashion stylist with a penchant for vintage and has recently set up vintage events company Blue Skies Vintage Events with her husband Graham.

Amy is a vintage hair stylist who trained at Nina’s in London and now works in Norwich as Flamingo Amy.

Do check out the Southern Retro site, and if you’d like to be part of the project drop Mat a line. He’s always looking for new subjects to document and he’s really very nice and not scary at all!