A while ago I asked on Facebook about peoples ideal shoes.

The reason I asked was that I’d been asked by an amazing french company called Dessine-Moi un Soulier to design a pair of shoes for them.  Everyone on Facebook told me they wanted sensible shoes, with straps in brown and black. But that made me sad.

I had a one off chance to design an amazing pair of shoes, and if I’m wearing shoes that cost a lot of money I want them to announce themselves when they walk into the room.

So instead I designed a pair of emerald green suede and absinthe snakeskin slingbacks. So ner.

Retro Chick Dessine

The advantage, of course of Dessine-Moi Un Soulier, is that if you DO want a good quality pair of sensible everyday shoes, you can design yourself a pair as they offer a service where you can design your own shoes, chosing the colour and material of each component; including the lining and sole; the heel shape, toe shape, straps and trims.

As they are custom made they took about 6 weeks to arrive, but they were worth the wait! Arrgghh, look! Green and gold shoes!




You can buy the pair I designed here for £204 (20% discount with the code SUMMER2013 makes them £163.20 ish) or design your own.

These are not cheap shoes, but you do get exactly what you want. My first thought was that they would be absolutely perfect for wedding shoes, or shoes for a special event like a ball where you want something to go with a special dress. They have leather soles and inners and come beautifully packaged in a black box with a pink bow. I also had 2 pairs of those gel inserts, one for ball of foot and 1 to go across the back of the slingback, just in case I needed them (I didn’t), which I thought was a nice touch.

So, what did I wear with the “very special shoes”?


 ❤ Jacket – Charity Shop  ❤ Dress – 40s Vintage  ❤
❤ Vintage Bracelets – Charity Shop  ❤ Vintage Earrings – Antique Market  ❤


I think this is a perfect example of how hair and make up can completely change the look of an outfit. For some reason the shoes gave me a bit of a 60s feel, so I decided to go with a beehive and 60s make up. The jacket is modern from a charity shop, but has a very 60s feel, and the dress is vintage late 30s or early 40s.

The earrings are clip ons I bought that afternoon from an antique shop.


I can also confirm both the shoes and dress are fabulous for dancing in, as this outfit was for a birthday party in honour of Abi from Champagne & Lemonade, and a little bit of dancing may have been indulged in. Some of it more elegant than others….



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