I hope you’re all ready to say goodbye to January?

I’ve had a good month, but I’m more than ready to get on with the rest of the year and I’ve already kicked February off to a good start with a 6 hour Roller Derby boot camp yesterday, though I do feel a little bit like I’ve been run over this morning and am planning my first lazy day in a while!

These was my January life, as narrated by my Instagram.

The main thing that happened to me in January was Janathon. That meant I exercised every day for the whole month. A combination of short runs, Roller Derby, Yoga, weight lifting and circuits got me through 31 days that I (mostly) really enjoyed!

Just to be a massive cliche January was also about a return to healthy eating after far too much Christmas excess, that’s once the Christmas sweets are all finished up of course. I got a chance to try out a Body Chef plan where they deliver you all your food nicely prepared for the week, which I will be reviewing soon, and I also tried some delicious protein pancake mix from Body building warehouse.

Although January was largely focused on being sweaty rather than pretty, that doesn’t mean I NEVER wore anything nice! I got some pretty lovely new shoes, wore a couple of nice frocks, including that Seamstress of Bloomsbury wrap dress and my third Heyday wrap blouse and took my Nanas vintage necklace for an outing. P.S. That black skirt is still available in the ASOS sale, and those Irregular choice shoes are also reduced!

Lastly there were the pretty things, a bit of down time colouring in, the discovery that Babycham do SHOES, a box of hair pretties from Bad Kitty, that adorable fox lunch bag from Tesco, and some new bed time reading.


Now onward to February and the rest of 2015!

How was your start to the year?