I think these posts are probably most interesting for my Mum (Hi Mum!). I live 150 miles away from my Parents, but every time I speak to my Mum on the phone she already knows exactly what I’ve been up to all week because I insist on telling everyone on the internet about it, even though they really don’t care.

I mean, it’s not like my weeks are always that exciting, this week, for instance, pretty much nothing exciting happened, it was about as not exciting as weeks can get. But I won’t let that stop me telling you all about it.

So, this week I…..

Was on the Radio


Ok, so being on the radio is a little bit exciting. It was BBC Radio Norfolk and I had to take myself out in the freezing cold at an unearthly hour of the morning (ok, 10am, shut up, I’m self employed) to rep Norfolk Roller Derby and The Matthew Project. The Matthew Project are a local drug and alcohol charity, and they asked us and a local Rugby team if anyone would like to take on a “dry week” challenge for them and help them get some local press for it. Hence my appearance on Monday morning talking about the exciting world of Roller Derby and whether we like to have a drink after games (hint: yes)

Got my £50 back

Yes, I really am that stupid that between Christmas and New Year I managed to walk off and leave £50 in a cash machine. The machine sucked it back in, thankfully, and then I had to go through a big complicated procedure to get it back. It shouldn’t have been that complicated, but it was. First, within 30 minutes of realising what an idiot I was I rang the bank who told me it might automatically go back into my account, and if it didn’t I would need to get in touch with the branch that owned the cash machine.

It didn’t, so the next day I went into the branch and the nice lady on the counter told me there had been a “purge” on the machine the night before, which is apparently what they call it when stupid people walk off and leave all their money behind, but that they couldn’t confirm at the moment as the lock on the cash point was broken so they couldn’t tally up. They said I should leave it a couple of days and then ring my bank and they would do a claim for me.

Then when I called my bank after New Year I had to have an irritatingly circular conversation with a man on the phone that went:

HIM: You could have called us straight after it happened and we could have filled in the form then.
ME: I did call you straight after it happened and they told me that it might go back automatically and if not I would need to go to the branch
HIM: Ok, but if it ever happens again, you can call us immediately and we cal fill in the form straight away.
ME: Yes, but I did call you straight away and they told me to contact the branch.
HIM: There was no need to contact the branch, we could have filled in the claim form straight away if you called us.
ME: Anyway, shall we just fill in the form now?

They told me it would take a weirdly specific 19 working days for the money to come back. In the end it was slightly less, which was handy because we needed dishwasher cleaner. Told you this was an exciting week.

Felt Better

Hurrah! That pesky cold is more or less gone which meant I could go back out for a run. I started with a short one, lets build up slowly huh?

It was SO COLD earlier this week that my legs felt like icicles, and even a 25 minute run took me the rest of the day to warm up from. Brrr!

I hear warmer weather is coming, but apparently that also means rain, and I’d rather run in the cold than the rain.


Set up a new Instagram account

I’d always resisted doing this as I’ve always thought of instagram as kind of little snapshot of my life. A bit like these weekly diaries really, but when it’s also part of your business and you’re a full time blogger there’s a line to be drawn. I do a lot of fitnessy stuff these days, but never felt I could instagram a lot of it for fear of boring people who follow me for frocks and red lipstick. So I finally caved and set up a separate instagram account for my fitness blog. On the off chance that you ARE interested in more pictures of protein shakes, gym selfies and progress photos then please feel free to follow me at LipstickLettuceLycra!

Got menaced by a Spider

Here’s a fact for you. I’m really very scared of spiders. This week I was alone in the house for a few days as Mr Chick was away. I’d planned a nice relaxing bath, went into the bathroom, and there was a largeish spider sat looking menacing on the side of the bath.

It was on the outside, so I couldn’t turn on a tap and wash it away or anything brave like that, and anyway, someone once told me that if you do that then they form an air bubble around themselves and then crawl back up the plug hole later on, possibly with a posse of their friends, to get revenge. It was also on the side of the bath so I couldn’t throw something heavy on it and leave it there till someone came to rescue me. A trick I used in the past, throwing a Next Directory on one and leaving it there for 2 days till someone came round to rescue me and it was STILL ALIVE under the book.

Anyway, I left the bathroom in a hurry and pondered whether I was going to have to spend 2 days stinky. A friend offered to send her boyfriend round to rescue me, but when I tentatively poked my head back round the bathroom door it had gone. I don’t know where, and that worried me even more.

I had the least relaxing bath I’ve possibly ever had, but I have seen no sign of the spider since, which makes me suspect it is lying in wait for Mr Chick to go away again and is then going to leap out and menace me again.

And there we go, another non exciting chapter in the life of Retro Chick.

How was your week? More exciting than mine?