If I was going to give this post a sub-title I would call it “mostly dead” as that is how I seem to have spent most of this week, for a variety of reasons.

This morning I am mostly dead, though that is entirely self-inflicted and I have only myself to blame. I was planning a nice run in the country, but instead I have replaced that with tea and Netflix, again. It is how I spend a lot of my Sundays it seems. I’m all full of plans, then they are easily derailed.

For those of you interested in my mostly dead week, this week I……

Was poorly

So, that’s how my week started. With finally admitting, after 4 days of feeling “a bit off” that I was actually sick with some sort of tummy bug. There have been lots of bugs around lately. One of the inevitable facts of playing Roller Derby and spending so much time in close proximity with your team mates is that if one person is ill it’s probably going to go round like wildfire.

On Monday I spent most of the day in bed sleeping, then I removed myself to the sofa to watch Buffy for a bit, just so I could create a dividing line between how I spent my day and bed-time.

Had a hot chocolate

Like I mentioned on Wednesday, one of 2 productive and healthy days this week, we had to change our plans for Valentines Day because I was ill on Monday.

I went to the gym on Tuesday morning, and then Mr Chick and I went for a coffee, except when we got to Starbucks they were doing a Valentines special on their molten hot chocolates which were buy one get one free. We asked them to add a shot of espresso as well, which was also free because I have a gold Starbucks card. I felt very smug.

The hot chocolate was lovely as well.

Had a Cocktail

Because hot chocolate alone won’t cut it on Valentines Day.

Turned the spare room into a cinema

I did mention this on Wednesday, but now there’s a slightly blurry photo as evidence. Emergency last-minute Valentines plans on the cheap are much easier when you happen to have a projector. We transformed our spare room into the world’s comfiest cinema and watched It Happened One Night and Ghost on Netflix.

Ate some biscuits

The fun literally doesn’t stop does it?

Mr Chick had to go to Ikea to get some supplies for his shop. He bought biscuits. Technically they were a Valentines gift because he gave them to me on Valentines day with a stuffed heart wrapped around them.

Who needs flowers and chocolates?

Got concussion

Biscuits, hot chocolate, cinemas and cocktails all happened on one day. I then spent the next 2 days glued to my desk trying to catch up with the work I hadn’t done when I was indulging myself in being ill and taking a day off.

Then I went to Roller Derby practice and got kicked in the head (accidentally, obviously. I think a more accurate description might be “head-butted a roller skate”). I have 2 ways of dealing with being injured. The first is complete denial, the second is “I am dying”. In the immediate aftermath of the skate/head incident I felt a little spacey and developed a splitting headache. I had a bath and went to bed.

In the morning I opted for total denial. I still had a bit of a headache but as it was only mild I decided to ignore all the advice on dealing with head injuries and went to the gym. About half way through it became obvious I was not fine. I was sweaty and clammy (more than one would normally expect), I was weak and feeble, and my headache returned with vengeance.

I went home, and spent the rest of the day  on the sofa, barely able to move. I was actually quite scared and rapidly moved onto the “I’m dying” way of dealing with injury. I didn’t want to go to sleep in case I didn’t wake up. I did wake up, obviously, but I have learned my lesson. On Saturday I went to practice off-skates. It made me sad, but it was very sensible, and I felt much brighter by the time I got home.

Drank gold drinks

And what a relief that I was sensible on Saturday. because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to inflict todays mostly dead feeling on myself.

We went to a friend’s house to celebrate their birthday in the traditional style, by playing Banzai drinking games. Those of you not familiar with Banzai, it was a late night TV show in the early 00’s involving weird bets being placed on how long shaky hands man could shake a celebrities hand, or who would be the first person to fall off while hanging from a football goal post.

We started the night in a civilised fashion with crème brûlée liqueur with gold glitter in it.

We ended the night by emptying out the drinks cabinet and playing even sillier games.

And that was another exciting week in my life, which I spent mostly dead.

How was your week?