Hey there! Happy Christmas Eve!

My last diary post was on the 10th December, there wasn’t one last Sunday because my house looked like this.

Absurdly full of boxes and wrapping and full of franticness while we tried to prepare over 160 orders from Mr LLL shop. Basically, you didn’t miss any exciting instalments from my life, apart from staying up very late wrapping parcels and painting coal.

Once last posting date passed things calmed down a little, so this week I am back with tales of excitement and derring do (or possibly stories about that time I ate some food).

As today is Christmas Eve today’s plans involve putting the Christmas bedding on and drinking Baileys, but first up, this week I……

Won an award

Last Sunday was Norfolk Roller Derbys Christmas Intraleague game and AGM.

I managed to get 7 penalties and foul out of the game, possibly partly because of my stressed brain which was going “WAAAAHHHHHHHH” the whole time. It’s the first, and hopefully last, time I’ve ever fouled out of a game.

At the AGM we dish out team awards. This year I was nominated Unsung Hero by my team, so I got a lovely certificate and shot glass (made by Mr LLL) to drink whisky out of.

Indulged in Competitive Recycling

One of my VA clients sent me an awesome Christmas Gift, a hamper from Fortnum & Mason. If you happen to have excess cardboard to put out with the recycling, then the cardboard box from Fortnum & Mason is probably the one you should use to put it all in.

My recycling is WAY posher than your recycling.

Went Out for a Light Lunch

Because when you’ve had an insane 3 weeks and it starts to calm down a little you just have to get out of the house and eat extremely large quantities of food at a local cafe.

It was very nice, but it was also 3 pm and we were having friends round at 6 pm to eat a Chinese takeaway, so we may well have overestimated our hunger levels.

We soldiered on through though.

Drank Hot Buttered Rum

Wednesday was last posting day, and we felt the need to celebrate, hence the extremely large lunch and Chinese takeaway.

We had also planned to go to our local pub for their pub quiz and order a bottle of fizz, except when we got there it was rammed, so instead we went to another pub and drank Hot Buttered Rum. It was £6.80 a glass, but damn it was good.

Set the Alarms off in all the Shops

This week I received a subscription box from Fit Bitch Club (which I will be reviewing in the New Year!) and in it was a rather lovely gym top that I decided to wear on Friday for my last gym trip of 2017 (I’m planning to spend next week focusing on yoga and running, then head back to the weights room in January).

After the gym, I had to brave the shops to grab a few bits. As I walked out of Paperchase the alarms went off, but I assumed it was an anomaly and kept walking. No one stopped me.

Then the alarms went off in Tiger, Boots and Marks & Spencer and I started to think maybe something was wrong, but I could not for the life of me figure out what could possibly be setting off the alarms. The only possible thing I could think of was my new gym top, but I’d removed all the swing tags and those magnetic things are normally pretty bulky.

Feeling a little paranoid I headed home to investigate my person, only to find a tiny sticky magnetic tag glued to the washing instructions on the inside of the top.

If you do get the urge to shoplift though you should probably feel absolutely free as the only shop to actually stop me was Boots, and that was because I stood and waited when the alarms went off. So that works then.

Accidentally Bought a Dog Bed

Because that sort of thing happens all the time.

We had to pick up a couple of last minute things from the shops and planned to stop in on a friend’s festive open house on the way home.

Then we saw the perfect dog bed in the shops and had to buy it, which meant we turned up at a party with a dog bed. Pretty sure a bottle of wine is more traditional. The Pugs love it though, which makes me very happy.

And thus draws to a close a deeply fascinating and eventful pre-Christmas week in my life.

How was your week?

Have an awesome Christmas!