Hi there!

How are you today? I’m enjoying a rainy afternoon on the sofa watching TV. The wind and rain is a bit of a shock after the 25 degree sunshine of last week. British weather is weird.

We have crumpets and tea to keep up going through the day though, so it’s not all bad.

But first I thought I’d stop in and tell you that this week I….

Defeated a Dragon

Yeah, there are actual dragons in Dungeons & Dragons. Who knew?

We’ve been playing our way through the starter pack since before Christmas, and this week we met our first Dragon.

We persuaded it to move home instead of fighting it, and now it’s our friend. Awwww.

Deadlifted 100kg

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Deadlifts at the gym have given me some trouble. I have a dodgy back, and frequently I’ve got up to around 90kg, hurt myself, and ended up dropping right back down. Currently I was lifting around 75kg. But on Monday  I got some help from PT Paul Fawcett.  He had me try using a weightlifting belt to help with bracing my core, and I managed a 100kg deadlift with no trouble at all.

I was very excited by this.

The video is from my Instagram and is actually the lift before when I did 3 reps of 90kg. This one is 100kg.

Finally got some crunchy Peanut Butter

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I could only get smooth peanut butter and was irrationally upset about it?

Well this week I finally needed enough stuff to put in a My Protein order and along with my bags of protein powder I now have crunchy peanut butter and all is right with the world.

Hit the shops

Well, Ok, it was Poundland. But it was a good haul!

I love an Epsom Salt bath but the darn stuff can be so expensive. Every so often Poundland gets a load of bags of eucalyptus and lavender Epsom Salts in, for, weirdly enough, a pound. I then clear the shelves and stock up.

They also had some yummy protein coffee and protein brownies, so I stocked up on those too, I didn’t even go near the chocolate aisle. Yay me.

Made an idiot of myself in Go Outdoors

They had inflatable chairs, one of them wasn’t really properly inflated. So I sat in it anyway.

Then a member of staff walked past and gave me the kind of look that reminds you that you’re supposed to be a grown-up. Now I can’t go back in Go Outdoors for at least 3 months.

Put some pictures up

We’ve only lived here 6 years, and that pile of pictures has been sat in the corner for at least half of that. So I finally decided it would be a 20 minute job and I should just put them up.

Then I couldn’t find the picture hooks. We had a few of those sticky things, so I thought I’d start with those instead while I waited for a text from Mr LLL to tell me where they were.

I located a nice long frame that contained Babycham beer mats, but they weren’t stuck in properly and every time I tried to hang it they all slid down. I tried to find something else to go in the frame, and failed. So I left a space for that, and stuck a few other pictures up with the sticky pads.

Then Mr LLL text me to tell me where the hooks were, so I started on the others. Except I couldn’t find the hammer, and trying to bash in nails using the handle of the poker from the fireset wasn’t as easy as I thought. Finally, after it had taken me an hour to put 2 pictures up. I located the hammer, and from then on things went a lot more smoothly. Until I got bored.

There’s still more pictures to go up, but it’s a start, right?

Got some vintage glamour

These days I spend most of my time in gym kit or pyjamas, so it was nice on Friday night to get the chance to glam up a little and head out for cocktails.

I went to an event run by Wake Up Little Susie before Christmas last year and ended up buying this gorgeous green peignoir set. So this time I had promised myself I was not to buy any more glamorous nightwear.

I managed to stick to my promise, but only just, because there were some gorgeous pieces on display! My companion for the night, came away with 2 gorgeous nightdresses, so it was like shopping by proxy!

There were a lot of 60s babydolls and slips in bright colours and polkadots, perfect for summer if it ever comes back! All the bits that weren’t snapped up on the night are currently on sale in Lady B Loves in the Royal Arcade. If you happen to live in Norwich then pop in for a browse!

And that was another week in my life!

How was your week?